My Hero Academia: All Might comes to Deadpool’s rescue in this official crossover

One is ready to save any person in need with his dazzling smile, the other, on the other hand, is able to make us laugh out loud with his irreverent jokes. These are All Might and Deadpool; but who would have imagined that one day the hero of My Hero Academia would he officially meet the Marvel one?

This memorable event was realized thanks to Deadpool Samurai, manga born from the collaboration between Marvel Comics e Shonen Jump. Arrived in the Land of the Rising Sun, the Mercenary Chatty couldn’t help but “annoy” his heroic colleagues from the world of My Hero Academia.

All this happened when, in difficulty against Thanos, who was teaching him a sound lesson, Deadpool tried to ask for help to Captain Marvel. But the Mercenary obviously got the wrong number, and All Might replied to the help message.

With a Detroit Smash straight on the face, the Symbol of Peace knocks out Thanos with a single blow and saves Deadpool with his iconic motto: “Everything will be fine now. Why? Because I’m here now!”. With input from My Hero Academia author Kohei Horikoshi, who illustrated All Might in this crossover, Deadpool Samurai made the dreams of fans of the two series a reality. What do you think? Now will it be Deadpool’s turn to visit Yuei High School in the pages of My Hero Academia?

Deadpool Samurai is a success, it is the most read Marvel Comics work of the moment. To a great surprise, My Hero Academia goes on hiatus. Here is the reason for the stop.

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