Resident Evil 4 VR shows its gameplay and graphic changes

Oculus has announced a number of new details regarding Resident Evil 4 VRincluding graphical improvements, gameplay changes, and more.

The game was originally announced during the Resident Evil Village show, but today Oculus has shown a lot more. And while we already knew that Resident Evil 4 VR would include a first-person perspective, along with “touch” controls to hold weapons, items, and puzzles, there are many more technical improvements.

The game will have a higher frame rate than the original game (which was only going to 30). They haven’t specified, actually, but Oculus Quest 2 has hit 70fps (depending on the game). Oculus has also specified that it will be a complete game, not a fragment for presentation or a curiosity.

The movement options allow us to do it in the first person using the analog stick or with the teleportation function which allows León to run to a new position to offer another view. It will even allow us to use the corners as cover to better face characters like Dr. Salvador (that guy with the chainsaw).

We can also play sitting down, you don’t have to kill yourself with exercise, no one likes that.

And while the core of Resident Evil 4’s gameplay returns, Capcom and Armature Studios have modified the textures and overall look of the game to accommodate a closer perspective. We are talking about 4,500 textures that have been modified or whose resolution has been increased.

Other changes include:

  • The behavior of the enemies has been balanced for a better enjoyment of the gameplay with the new perspective.
  • We can take weapons and throw them. All of them together with the objects are now “physical” to be able to interact. The inventory is an interactive screen that is placed in front of us.
  • Now we can carry weapons in both hands.
  • The scenes are kept in the original format and the animations of the characters are maintained, although with improvements due to the use of Unreal Engine 4.
  • Yes, you can type on the typewriter, really.

Yes, it has rained since the game appeared on Gamecube, as an exclusive. Well and on PlayStation 2. And on Wii. And on PC. And the reissue on PS3 and Xbox 360, and another on PC. And on PS4 and Xbox One. And again on PC. And on Switch. Well, you know, Resident Evil 4 is something that everyone likes.

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