Red Dead Redemption 2: a great glitch appears on the horse

It’s good to talk about bugs in Cyberpunk 2077. And look, we loved the character that accompanied us even after finishing the mission with him, because of how adorable he was: today it is none other than one of the fan favorites. We talk about Red Dead Redemption 2, which they’ve caught a lovely glitch too, GameRant tells us:

That really is waste work, ladies and we give. As always, the Reddit network has been used to show other players what the bug is. They have echoed it on the Reddit website.

But beware that this is much worse, or at least it seems more painful:

It belongs to the same glitch actually, so it’s kind of widespread among gamers. Not too long ago, a player had in fact already shown that there was a major flaw in the game that made good old Arthur (the protagonist) invisible. We will see if the main character of the game does not end up being a superhero through glitches.

We recently told you about the perfect job to dedicate ourselves to in Red Dead Online. At least if you’re not hunting. Naturalists can also prepare other tonics, including toners for weight loss or weight gain, and drinks that allow you to more easily approach potential animals in a stealthy way. Other tonics will mitigate the weather effects.

We will see if the online mode of the game has the depth that GTA Online has had, appearing as a result of the title that has been fighting for two generations. But we don’t know if we will get there.

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