This Is Us season 4 trailer unveils first look

This Is Us season 4 trailer unveils first look

The US the popular series season 4 have recently launched its first look. Rumors are that some surprising guest star will be there in the upcoming episodes. When one would watch the trailer, they will find some new cast members, with the arrival of new members in the family, it will some significant impact on the Pearson family.

this is us season 4 trailer
this is us season 4 trailer

As per the rumors, things will be more exciting than previous seasons. Thus, the comparison among all the season would have started, but the suggestion would be, it is better if people do not compare new ones with the old ones. Although with the ending of season 3, audiences can guess about what would happen the next.

Now things have little moved as Beth and Randall is staying together (it is an as a good time in their relationship), baby jack has grown up now, Kevin got a son, and Rebecca gets to live longer. But if you want to have more idea about season 4, then you must watch the trailer of US season 4.

The trailer would only give you a rough idea about what is going to happen in the next. But it will not exactly give you all the details, but somehow you get the idea. But as the tailor has come on the screen and in the trailer, it has shown Rebecca and Jack’s early courtship days, and this is revealing towards the new season will unfold more connections with Pearson family.

In the trailer, we have got to see more new characters joining like Marsha Stephanie Blake, Bhara golestani, Omar Epps, Jennifer Morrison, and many others. This is all so exciting when so many things are taking place.

Audiences must be excited now what is going to be the role of these new actors. How they are going to play a role in season 4 what changes will they bring along with their unique character? Everything is so exciting, and waiting for this series will be even worth it. If you want, you can watch its trailer even on YouTube or Netflix.

But this would be quiet surprising to know that if fans are thinking that the complete focus would be on Pearson, then this is not the case. As season 4 would start of the narrative’s latter half with the spotlight shifting from jack to Rebecca. Here now, readers would get to see something touch of psychological as episodes will be shown via flashcards.

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  1. I love this show! I just finished season 2 and I am so upset, but in a good way 😂🤯😲. I didn’t want it to end, I have so many questions 🤔😫 The cast of this show is amazing and its the perfect balance. It has twists and turns, its sassy, it definitely crosses boundaries that some people will not like, but that’s really the reason I love this show. Its raw, original, I fell in love with Nadia and Guzman. Their love for each other is beautiful. I know some people did not like how Nadia’s father was portrayed, but you can’t avoid the fact that it does happen. In the end it shows how love conquers all. How you never really know who people are, or what they are hiding, and basically that in the need the truth will come to light. I can’t wait for season 3 lol !


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