Record Of Ragnarok Chapter 90 Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Everything You Need to Know

Record Of Ragnarok Chapter 90 Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Everything You Need to Know

The much awaited release of the Japanese comic series, Record of Ragnarok, has a large and enthusiastic fan base.

The upcoming book promises new developments in humanity’s long-running conflict with formidable enemies.

Murim Login, Zerobic’s critically regarded Korean manhwa, has gained a sizable fan following since its release in 2020.

The story revolves around Jin Tae-Kyung, a fearsome hunter of monsters, and his unrelenting pursuit of these animals.

Another incredible chapter of Record from Ragnarok has been released, and the upcoming chapters will feature even more thrilling combat.

The struggle between Leonidas and Apollo is still going strong as of the most recent chapter in the manga series, and it has been for a while.

When Record of Ragnarok chapter 82 is released this month, the battle between Apollo and Leonidas will get even more intense as it follows the monthly release pattern!

The series has its appeal, despite the fact that the fights are lengthy and take a while to conclude.

The manga series’ most recent chapter opens with a flashback warning readers not to mess with Sparta.

Although Leonidas came close to defeating Apollo during the previous chapter, Apollo declared that he would emerge victorious in the battle.

This isn’t absolute though, because in this story, the gods are occasionally overcome by regular people.

The Sun God Apollo mocks Leonidas, which is meant to induce dread, but instead humiliates each additional Spartan on the battlefield.

Almost of the gods, including Sparta, are less inspired by Zeus’s attempt to make a fool of Leonidas.

As the conflict approaches its second phase, Zeus is upbeat about the situation and claims that this is why Apollo unique and powerful.

Murim Login Chapter 177 is quickly approaching, and fans are eager to see more of this exciting story.

So far, the eighth round of the Record of Ragnarok has proved extremely thrilling, largely due to the extraordinary efforts of Einherjar fighter Nikola Tesla.

Record Of Ragnarok Chapter 90 Release Date

The fandom is enthralled with the series and is eagerly awaiting the publication of Record of Ragnarok Chapter 90. Record of Ragnarok Chapter 90 is expected to be released on December 13, 2023, according to confirmed dates.

Record Of Ragnarok Chapter 90 Trailer

Record Of Ragnarok Chapter 90 Plot

We saw the continued battle between Apollo and Liu Bei in the previous chapter, chapter 89, “Hero of the Abyss.”

Apollo then shot a barrage of arrow at Liu Bei, who dodged them just in time with his deft maneuvers.

Apollo made fun of Liu Bei’s lack of bravery and strength at the beginning of the chapter, saying that he was dependent only on his supporters and good fortune to survive.

Liu Bei thought back to the time in his past life in which he was a poor, meek person who wanted to bring justice and peace to a chaotic world.

He met Zhang Fei and Guan Yu, his obedient companions, and they forged a close-knit fraternal bond.

He also met his five closest advisors, Zhuge Liang, Pang Tong, Xu Shu, Ma Liang, of Ma Su, who gave him their wisdom and strategic know-how.

He successfully took control of the Shu Kingdom, one of the three major kingdoms that divided China when the Han Dynasty collapsed, after fighting a great deal of wars and conflicts.

Liu Bei boldly said that he was not afraid of Apollo, pointing out that he had one special benefit over him: the Eight Geniuses.

After that, he began to use his secret weapon, which caused eight bright spheres to appear all around him.

He continued by explaining that the preceding eight genera represented the souls of his brothers and advisors, people who had trusted him with their lives and aspirations.

Subsequently, he employed the traits and powers of the Eight Geniuses to alter his appearance and powers in preparation for a final, conclusive battle with Apollo.

The story may shift to focus on Apollo’s determined return in the upcoming chapter of Shuumatsu no Valkyrie: Record of Ragnarok.

The effects of his metamorphosis could reverberate in the divine realm, possibly setting off a series of events that culminate in the upcoming encounter with Zeus.

A broader plot inside the pantheon of Norse gods could be revealed by Thor’s probing, which would increase suspicion.

The story could take an unexpected turn as divine dynamics suffer a seismic upheaval due to the conjectured involvement with an enigmatic god, possibly Thor.

The second phase to the fight begins as both fighters move closer to each other after Leonidas draws a mace weapon that resembles a hammer.

Apollo uses his strings to paralyze Leonidas’ arm after dodging his blow. Apollo sidesteps Leonidas’s blow and uses his strings to paralyze his arm, but then he strikes Leonidas in his forehead with such power that he is knocked unconscious.

Göll has fallen on her knees and has given up, but she has no idea why Brunhilde went with Leonidas.

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