“Carnival Row” Season 2 – Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Everything We Know So Far

It was when Orlondo Bloom did confirm the news that he is going to play one of the leads in Carnival Row, the American Fantasy series did get the fame it deserved. Carnival Row, as you all know is one of the most popular fantasy noir series that is soon going to come up with its next season.

Yes, the show is all set to return with its second season to entertain its audience. Amazon Prime’s well-known fantasy series will be releasing soon.

Carnival Row Season 2 is reportedly set to release at some point by 2022. There is a huge number of viewers and series lovers who are eagerly waiting for the series to return with its next part.

Due to the amazing characters and talented star cast, Carnival Row has fans all around the world. It will not be incorrect to say that the series has fans residing in every region of the globe. The premiere of the first season did manage to become a successful hit with an increasing number of viewers.

Not only the Carnival Row series have an interesting storyline but also the exciting and thrilling moments will grab the viewers’ attention to leave never.

After the release of the first season, almost all the fans and series lovers have been hoping for the upcoming season to air as soon as possible. The series happens to have a lot of twists and turns along with a series of entertaining events.

Carnival Row is such an amazing and fascinating series that you will surely love to watch on Amazon Prime Video. It will be possible for you to bewitch each and every episode. The series will grow more interesting and exciting as the episodes pass by.

One after another interesting characters and the heartwarming storyline will make sure to not let viewers control themselves but watch the entire season at once.

Now that you all know that Carnival Row Season 2 is on its way to premiere soon, you will have the wish to know everything about it. It is sure that all the fans have been looking for any and every update about Carnival Row.

Since the fans did manage to watch the first season of this American fantasy series, they were looking everywhere for the release date.

Most fans are searching for the premiere date, cast, plot, and more updates about Carnival Row Season 2. But as you all are reading this article, you do not have to look further. Because we are going to provide you each and every important detail about the show.

So you can have a more clear idea of what the upcoming season will be bringing to the table. You will have a look at everything we know so far about Carnival Row Season 2. Let us begin it.

About The Carnival Row Series

Carnival Row, as you all know is an American neo-noir dark crime-fantasy television series. The series is all about Rycroft “Philo” Philostrate who happens to be a war-hardened investigator. The Carnival Row series is the one that Rene Echevarria did create along with Travis Beacham that did premiere on Amazon Prime Video.

The first season of Carnival Row did premiere back on August 30, 2019. As soon as the first season did premiere, there was a great rush of viewers on Amazon Prime Video to stream the Carnival Row series.

Due to a wave of chaos, all the mythical creatures had to flee their homeland. But all of them did manage to take refugee in Carnival Row.  They do manage to gentrify it with sapiens.

You must know that the Carnival Row series is indeed an amazing series that all fantasy series lovers should watch. It is a must-watch series for all Amazon Prime Video subscribers.

There are so many viewers and fans who have been eager to watch the next part of the Carnival Row series. But it will not be possible to watch the upcoming season until it premieres.

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As of now, we know that the series is all set to premiere its second season within a few months. So that will mean all the series lovers will not have to wait for a long period of time to enjoy the adventures in Carnival Row.

As of now, Carnival Row is an exclusive title that thousands of people search for on Amazon Prime Video to stream online. The first season consists of eight amazing and exciting episodes. All the episodes did launch on 29th August 2019 and almost everyone loved to watch them.

It was in July 2019 when Amazon Prime Video did announce to renew the Carnival Row series officially. Series lovers and fans were so happy and excited to hear the word. Within no time, the word spread all over the internet about Carnival Row getting a renewal for Season 2.

It comes as no surprise that Amazon did confirm the renewal for the upcoming season of Carnival Row. Because the fantasy show has such an interesting story plot along with amazing and talented actors.

Carnival Row did begin its filming and production right after the renewal announcement. Also, it was only three weeks left to conclude the filming for Carnival Row Season 2 before the COVID-19 lockdown did happen.

Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, the production and filming did come to a halt. But the filming continues again in August 2020. Most fans may have heard about what Orlando Bloom said in an interview.

Orlando Bloom did suggest that instead of holding the entire series back for the premiere, it will be beneficial to release the first five episodes. Then the series creators can release the remaining ones as bonus episodes to the fans.

Will There Be Another Season of Carnival Row?

Of course, there will be another season of Carnival Row that all the fans, as well as viewers, can look forward to. As you all know, the series production and filming can not conclude due to the global pandemic.

That is the reason why there are more chances of the Carnival Row series releasing its second season this year. All the dates and schedules did get delay for the safety of all the cast and crew members.

All the fans and critiques may know that the American fantasy series was all set to premiere its second season in 2020. But that was surely not what we all did witness in the past couple of months.

However, the best expectation for the Carnival Row series to air its next part is either in late 2021 or early 2022. As you all know, the first season did premiere in August 2019. So there are some chances of the second season airing in August 2021.

The Carnival Row series has a large number of fans and lovers worldwide who are waiting for the next part. They are eager to watch the mythical creatures who appear in the cities and towns out of nowhere. The enraging crime and fantasy drama are what all the Amazon Prime subscribers want to watch again in the upcoming season.

From the costume design to the aura that the amazing characters and interesting storyline create, everything will create an illusion of surrealism. Due to the original storyline, there is no surprise to the fact that almost everyone is excited to watch the next part of the series.

Each and every fan is currently hoping that the plot will expand enormously in the upcoming season. Carnival Row is surely going to be a must-watch show for any and every person who wants to get some fresh storyline and experience. Keep scrolling down to get more updates on Carnival Row Season 2.

Did Carnival Row Season 2 Get The Official Renewal?

All the fans and series lovers did know in their hearts that the Carnival Row series will surely get the official renewal. You must know that Amazon Prime invested heavily in the Carnival Row series. That is only to make sure to fill in the gap that Game of Thrones left in the expectations of viewers.

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It is sure that after the Game of Thrones series concluded, there are a large number of viewers who have been looking for some interesting and thrilling story plot.

That happens to be one of the reasons why Carnival Row Season 2 did get the series renewal officially when its first season did premiere on 30th August 2019. The official renewal for the Carnival Row series was all over social media. There was a tease that all fans were sharing and that was, “We know you’ll want more. The story is just beginning.”

You must also know that the streaming platform has been working hard to create a wide variety of original content from 2013 onwards. Amazon Prime Video surely needs to spread the content variety without losing the quality just the same as the streaming giant, Netflix.

But you must also need to know about the fact that Carnival Row is the very first fantasy series of Amazon Prime Video.

The Carnival Row series is surely going to be one of the most anticipated and thrilling fantasy series to stream on Amazon Prime Video.

Production Updates For Carnival Row Season 2

Well, you all will be happy as well as excited to know that the production and filming for Carnival Row Season 2 is ongoing. You all will surely be sad to hear the news that the Carnival Row series had to delay the scheduled dates and halt the production due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

There is a huge number of fans and series lovers that you can find on the social media platforms showing their grief and sadness for the Carnival Row Season’s release date getting postponed.

At the current moment, there is no need to worry about anything at all as the filming is ongoing. The second season for Carnival Row is back on track to premiere as soon as the series will conclude its filming.

Release Date of Carnival Row Season 2

It was very fortunate for all the fans as well as the audience who loves to stream Carnival Row on Amazon Prime Video. Yes, the Carnival Row series did get the official renewal in July 2019 even before the first season did premiere.

While you can find the commencement for the production of the next part of Carnival Row on November 11, 2019. It was all through the official Instagram handle of the Carnival Row series.

Unfortunately, there has been no release date that Amazon Prime Video did confirm for the upcoming season of Carnival Row. We know that the production and filming that was a halt in March 2020 restarted in August 2020.

As you all know, the delay in production will surely result in offering delay in the premiere schedule. So all the fans and viewers will have to wait for a few more months to watch the next part of the series.

There are greater chances of the Carnival Row series premiering its second season in August 2021. Because it is the same month in which the first season did air. But that is still unclear and uncertain.

Also, you will not have to think much about it. As soon as the official release date will be out, we are going to update you. All our readers will be the first ones to get the update about the premiere date of Carnival Row Season 2.

Who is in the cast of Carnival Row Season 2?

All of you should know that there is no official announcement regarding the cast members to include in the next part of the Carnival Row series. But we all are hoping that most of your favorite characters from the first season will return.

It will be possible for you to watch almost all the amazing and talented actors to reprise their roles in the second season of Carnival Row. The main leading actors will surely be going to appear in the upcoming season to entertain all the series lovers and fans.

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The next part of Carnival Row will definitely include Orlando Bloom playing the character of Philo along with Cara Delevingne who will reprise the role of Vignette.

Cara Delevingne, the female protagonist of the Carnival Row series unveils how important the team is for the plot. She says,  “The cast made it, and to be honest, the crew and everyone on set. The camaraderie on set, and the passion and the care for every detail.”

Guggenheim also teases up a potential surprise cameo. He teases all the fans as well as viewers saying that Katy Perry may be starring in the upcoming season. Also. he teases fans saying, “I was talking to Orlando the other day,”

He continues, “I’m like, ‘For season two, we gotta get Katy coming by the set’. It’d be a lot of fun. I actually think Katy would be a great fairy.”

There will also be some familiar faces that you are going to witness. That will include David Gyasi as Agreus along with Karla Crome who will play Tourmaline. Indira Varma, Jared Harris, and Tamzin Merchant will be playing their characters as Piety Breakspear, Absalom Breakspear, and Imogen Spurnrose respectively.

Although there are chances of some fresh and new faces that viewers are going to witness in the second season of Carnival Row, all the regular characters will return. Until you will get an update about the release date of Carnival Row Season 2,  it will be beneficial to keep checking the cast members’ social media posts.

Story Plot of the Carnival Row Series

In the first season of Carnival Row, you all may have seen Philo AKA Orlando Bloom investigating the murders of Darksher. When you will move ahead in the series, you will come to know about his fae ancestry.

Philo will eventually find the connections to the individuals who happen to be playing some of the other parts in the murder mystery. The first season of Carnival Row is indeed amazing as it leads way to the upcoming season.

On the other side, Philo did discover that the chancellor was his father by connecting one after another dot in the mysterious case. The next part of the series will surely take off from where it left the viewers in the previous season. The upcoming season will surely follow Philo to join Vignette to carry out an adventurous journey together.

One of the main leads in the second season will be the reason why Philo gives up his badge. There are several fan-made theories circulating over the internet. The second season may also include fae fights for liberation.

According to some sources, there will be more chances of a dispute for the alliance of Jonah Brakespear and Sophie Longerbane. It is sure that the upcoming season will bring a lot of excitement, fun, and an interesting storyline. The next season will also leave all the fans and viewers craving for more.

Is There Any Trailer For Carnival Row Season 2?

Well, there is no official trailer for Carnival Row Season 2 yet. It is because the series has to delay the production and filming due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

So it will not be possible for the series creators to come up with an official trailer or teaser yet. But we are sure that you all will watch the official trailer within only a few months.

Until then, you all can have a look at the first look that did drop in July 2020 for Carnival Row. It is sure that the official trailer will release prior to revealing the release dates for the upcoming season of Carnival Row.

Are you excited to stream Carnival Row Season 2 on Amazon Prime Video? Make sure to comment below.


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