Re: Zero Season 2 Review: A brilliant isekai on Crunchyroll

About six months ago, we talked about the return of Subaru and companions in the review of the first cour of the second season of Re: Zero, consisting of 13 episodes by the studio White Fox in which the narrative arc of the sanctuary, a mysterious place linked to the witch of greed in which the protagonist played a central role in the continuation of events, which between one death loop and another seemed stuck in a large amount of unknowns to be solved. The second cour continues directly from where the narrative left off, with our real-world hero between particular encounters and a bitter truth, determined to make ends meet.

A Sanctuary to be freed

The tactical battle for the taking and liberation of the Sanctuary continues, with a Subaru who seems to have finally understood, also thanks to his travel companion Otto, than to rely on their friends and not carry the full weight of responsibility towards Emilia can make a difference. A whole series of comparisons will follow aimed at avoiding the catastrophe previously experienced by the protagonist thanks to a plan and targeted dialogues to form unthinkable alliances until recently. This second part continues the rather slow progression but deferential towards the original work, examining every detail regarding the

Sanctuary, a place of primary importance in the narration of the entire second season, which finally shows the viewer the past aspects of the structure together with a very long series of flashbacks of the characters involved.
For example, we find a clear study of the most cryptic character of the series presented so far, that of Roswaal, the lord of the dimora Mathers, a place where many of the events present in the first season take place, which finally obtains the deserved depth between flashback and present. At the same time we also discover the relationship that binds his figure to those involved in the Sanctuary, which highlights some of the narrative shadows still present up to this part of the season. Although some passages show up sometimes unclear, even in the fantasy economy of Re: Zero, after a handful of episodes everything definitely takes a more concrete form and each character within the isekai finds its own dimension, with related insights, moving towards a glorious conclusion.

A particular focus is also directed to the past of the co-star Emilia, of which they discover themselves the origins and ties had as a child. This passage, although with a rather slow pace, represents an important step for the viewer’s understanding of precise character dynamics and for the growth of the witch, who finally manages to shake off gossips and suffering to embrace a future made of renewed bonds and determination, also, and above all, thanks to the support of the tireless Subaru.

Even the new characters introduced with this second season acquire in the short time a considerable importance, with beautifully written stories and not too long, able to further enrich the value of the individual and the unusual cast that has come to form, for the construction of a wider scenario. Of course, the glue of each element is the undisputed protagonist of the series, Natsuki Subaru, the intrepid real-world human who had already demonstrated one in the first cour important maturation from the first season, continuing his plan for the liberation of the Sanctuary, now strong with new allies and with the possible scenarios of the critical situation in mind, renewing the determination that distinguishes it.

Highlight action and thick flashbacks

The tones of mystery and ambiguity of the first part give way to more action scenes, animated with great abundance and sometimes rich in intensity, without forgetting the calmer and more emotional moments which literally explode with the relationships created during Subaru’s journey within the kingdom of Lugnica. Precisely the latter boast of a great expressive power capable of involving the viewer, who finally sees the maturation of the bonds created between the vicissitudes of the journey, especially as regards our protagonist, who now seems to have found his dimension and a renewed reason. to fight and suffer in the fantasy world. Let’s go back to reiterating how effective the staging is e the interpretation of the characters by the voice actors, who keep the quality that has always characterized the production high and constant.

Only in a few moments did the drawings and animations seem weaker to us, but these are particularly isolated cases that have never affected the vision of the new 12 episodes. The special effects they are reconfirmed as an important element of production, rendered excellently on the screen and able to effectively return the sense of action within the animated product, thanks to elemental spells well made and always in line with the characters who use them.

This second part manages to convince for the the decisive side of the various events and the discovery factor, able to allow important and necessary narrative connections, giving up fast rhythms and displacement of the action in space. A large part of the narrative is distributed in the various flashbacks, which take up a good part of the viewing time, sometimes excessively, and to accurately understand the complex of notions that are projected to us requires a good dose of attention, even a revision if we want, also reviewing the crucial events of the first season that lay the foundations of the magical world of Emilia and Subaru. The final part undoubtedly closes a full-bodied narrative arc leaving very few plot elements pending, waiting to find out what the future of Re: Zero holds.

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