The Attack of the Giants: 8 years ago the first episode of the anime was released

The story of The attack of the Giants it began just behind those great Walls, when a sudden attack of two giants different from the usual opened a breach, opening the doors of humanity to those monstrous creatures who mercilessly killed men, women and children. And it was that event that changed Eren’s life forever.

Today Eren has completely changed since then, many years have passed since that day and the enemies over time have multiplied dramatically. Little by little, in fact, the Research Corps has revealed all the deceptions that lurked outside those three Great Walls, discovering in fact a reality far different from what they could have ever imagined. About a week ago the first part of The Attack of the Giants 4 ended, just a few days after celebrating an important anniversary for the franchise.

It was April 7, 2013, in fact, the day on which Studio Wit crowned the debut of the animated adaptation of Hajime Isayama releasing episode 1 titled “To you, in 2000 years – The fall of Shiganshina (part 1)“And after 8 years since then, the first trailer for the first episode of the second part of Attack of the Giants 4 was accompanied by the phrase”I have been waiting all along for 2,000 years. Who?”, a rather enigmatic quote but closely linked to the premiere of the anime.

And you, on the other hand, have you followed the anime since its initial debut? Let us know with a comment below.

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