Rainbow Six Siege would receive an agent from Splinter Cell

The next agent of Rainbow Six Siege It will be directly from the Splinter Cell franchise if we attend to the details mentioned in a leak that mentions the operatives of the Third Echelon agency, where Sam Fisher operates with his team of undercover agents.

Chaos theory.

A Reddit user (via Windows Central) has been in charge of getting into the guts of the game and finding lines of code that reveal the names of the agents that would arrive in season 3 of the current year 5 (season 2 has just been announced, Steel Wave).

One of these agents is called “Scout – ECH (Echelon / Third Echelon)”, which would suggest that this operation will come directly from the agency where Fisher and company operate.

It was believed that the protagonists of season 3 we’re going to be the members of Nighthaven, an organization whose logo appeared on the official roadmap. Still, the game’s producer Roy del Valle assured Windows Central that the logo shouldn’t be there and that they were working on new things related to the game’s narrative but not necessarily related to Nighthaven.

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A possible change in plans could have turned the idea of ​​presenting Nighthaven into a crossover with Splinter Cell, something that Ubisoft licenses such as the Ghost Recon saga have already done in recent years.

In an interview published by DualShockers yesterday, designer Jean-Baptiste Halle commented that they really like the idea of ​​having agents from other Ubisoft licenses.

Halle invited to watch out for this year’s additions to see how the characters from other games fit into this competitive title. It is more than possible that we have to wait very little for it.

The Splinter Cell franchise has not had a new installment since 2013 and there is no indication that the French are interested in putting the Fisher back on the cover in the near future. We hope you have something up your sleeve.


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