So you can download WhatsApp stickers that are not in your country

WhatsApp has a kind of sticker store where it offers stickers created by the company itself. Some are universal and others are only distributed in certain countries and without appearing available in the rest. But there is a way to install the limited ones: just access its direct download link.

First there were emoticons, that set of characters that has been transmitting emotions since the first typewritten texts. Emojis added much sharper color, variety, and gestures. The stickers or stickers arrived for lighten the weight of images and gifs bringing complete collections of emotions. And the catalog of them that WhatsApp has is much broader than it seems since there are stickers that are only distributed in certain countries.

Direct links to download WhatsApp stickers from another country

Stickers Whatsapp Other Territories

WhatsApp offers a collection of stickers that all users share and select packages that are only distributed within the framework of different territories. Thus, the company offers local ways of expressing emotions adapting the image to the taste of the people who use the application. A pity, because there are really attractive sticker packs that a priori were left out of most users.

How to create your animated stickers for WhatsApp

WaBetaInfo, a means specialized in WhatsApp that usually anticipates news before anyone else, has discovered the way to add regional stickers to applications from other countries. To do this, it is enough to know the direct download access, a link known as a ‘deep link’. By clicking on the link from the mobile the stickers are added to the personal collection of the WhatsApp user, even if i don’t live in sticker land.

WaBetaInfo has been sharing the links to the different regional sticker packages. Some offer a universal theme and others are too local, both in theme and design. Even so, the quality of the stickers is very high, so they are worth a try.

To add the different regional sticker packs to your WhatsApp you just have to press from your mobile about the links you have below; then you must accept its inclusion in WhatsApp.




In addition to the regional packs, WhatsApp has adapted the animated stickers on security during the pandemic (‘Together at home‘) into different languages ​​in order to distribute them adapted in their countries. The languages ​​are:

If you want to keep up to date with the different collections that WhatsApp distributes in the different territories, it is worth following this WaBetaInfo page: there it collects the different download links. In principle you should not have a problem installing them, but it is likely that after a while they will disappear from your collection. If this happens to you, just click on the link again to add them.

Via | WaBetaInfo

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