A kitchen robot with Wi-Fi or an automatic coffee machine among the most interesting offers from Taurus

This past year we have witnessed the rise of small appliances that make the task much easier when preparing everyday dishes at home, but that also allow us to bring out the chef we have inside or follow a low-fat diet giving up little.

We are talking about authentic top sales such as the kitchen robots and more specific appliances such as under vacuum to cook at low temperatures that give wings to creativity. These are some of the options that we can find on the official website of Taurus Mycook with a discount, but only in the first 15 units.

Today we have wanted to collect the most interesting according to the criteria of Direct to the Palate so you do not miss the opportunity to hunt down a bargain and expand the potential of your kitchen.

Kitchen robots

Mycook Touch


It is true that a few years ago the only option in terms of kitchen machines was the classic Thermomix, but in recent times we find other quite interesting options in this field (and cheaper) such as the Taurus Mycook Touch.

A kitchen robot of Taurus with integrated Wi-Fi connection to be able to interact with it from our mobile or tablet thanks to its app (with which you can send the recipes to your robot and prepare the shopping list), a 7-inch touch screen and two modes of cooked (manual or automatic).

Heats by induction and includes 10 speeds, special functions such as stir-fry, kneading or balance and the following cooking techniques: grind, pulverize, grate, mince, crush, chop, emulsify, mount, steam and make broths. Its capacity, up to 2 liters, is designed to feed families of up to 6 members. You have it on offer for 1199 699 euros.

Robot de Cocina Mycook Touch

Robot de Cocina Mycook Touch

Mycook Touch Black Edition


With all the features of the Touch, but finished in food-grade certified gloss black ABS plastic instead of stainless steel, this Taurus Black Edition It also includes: touch screen, Wi-Fi connection to connect the robot to your mobile or tablet and thanks to its app program the recipes or plan the shopping list, manual mode for which you do not need internet access, accessories for steam cooking and everything you need to knead, grind, mount, etc. Its price on the official website is: 999 599 euros.

Robot de cocina Mycook Touch Black Edition

Robot de cocina Mycook Touch Black Edition

Mycook One


As its name suggests, this It is the first kitchen robot in the house, so it is also simpler and cheaper. This does not mean that it is not practical and complete, especially if we have a small budget and are looking for something that will prepare daily dishes for us without great frills.

This kitchen robot, which works by induction, reaches temperatures of up to 120º and among its functions, in addition to frying or steaming, it also kneads, chops, grinds, grinds, mounts or emulsifies.

It also has 10 speeds, like the previous two and among the accessories included, the steamer stands out, but it also comes with a mixing paddle, spatula and basket for 549 319 euros.

Robot de cocina Mycook One

Robot de cocina Mycook One

Other small appliances

Solac Espresso Coffeemaker automatic coffee machine

Coffee maker

This Espresso Coffeemaker is a very interesting option if you want to include a automatic coffee machine, since it has 19 bars of pressure and a power of 1450W that promises to produce a creamy freshly ground coffee in just 40 seconds.

It has three coffee options to choose from: echo, fast and default. You can also heat and froth the milk thanks to its Capuccinator which we can also take advantage of when preparing tea. All this in a compact design, which has a self-cleaning system to avoid cumbersome tasks and you have it for 580 299 euros.

Solac automatic coffee machine

Solac automatic coffee machine

Optima Magnum 1200 Beater


The glass blenders They can be very comfortable and practical now that summer is approaching, to prepare, among other things, cold soups or refreshing juices, especially if it allows crushing ice like this Optima Magnum 1200.

An option that has a 1200W motor, 5 speeds and 6 blades to chop all kinds of food by 80,99 49,99 euros.

Optima Magnum 1200 Blender

Optima Magnum 1200 Blender

Batidora Bapi 1200 Premium Complet


But if your style is more traditional, you can always go for one hand blender like this Bapi that also has a power of 1200W, stainless steel blades, 20 adjustable speeds and turbo function.

A complete option with ergonomic design that includes several accessories: food mill, measuring cup, mincer jug ​​and emulsifier by 89,99 52,99 euros.

Bapi 1200 Premium hand blender

Bapi 1200 Premium hand blender

Roner Clip


The most experienced cooks or those who want to go a step further when preparing their dishes, surely already know the low temperature cooking system designed by the chef Joan Roca.

On the Taurus MyCook website we find this immersion thermostat to cook meats in a juicy way at low temperature, preserving all the properties of the ingredients and enhancing the aromas of the seasonings by 199 149 euros.

Roner Clip

Vacuum sealer

Packaging machine

But we cannot unleash this technique without a vacuum sealer, essential for low temperature cooking and by the way, keep the leftovers in the freezer taking up the minimum space.

On the website of Taurus we have this Vac600 that allows you to pack and seal automatically, manually or just seal in just 6 seconds per 89,99 69 euros.

Taurus vacuum sealer

Taurus vacuum sealer

Offers on the official Taurus website are limited to 15 units for each product and home delivery is completely free.

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