‘The Sopranos’ creator David Chase wrote a  coronavirus-themed scene and fans are loving it

The Sopranos’ creator David Chase wrote a  coronavirus-themed scene and fans are loving it


They say a writer within you neither gets old nor dies. The creator of Sopranos, David Chase proved the same when he wrote a scene based on the current situation. It has been almost 10 years now that he wrote for the famous Sopranos and this time he is back with some fun-filled dialogue on Coronavirus situation. The scene portrays the fact that the life of every single individual has changed within the last few months due to the pandemic. No one has actually been spared.


Michael Imperioli and Steve Schirripia have been seen in the scene and it was aired on Podcast and they called it ‘Talking Sopranos’. According to the actors, David wanted to bring back some laugh and enjoyment in the otherwise dull and not so active lives of everyone worldwide.83 minute scene and it had all the elements to laugh out the reality nowadays. Imperioli also mentioned that due to the things being bad at the moment, David has bought humor back.

Secret revealed

David has bought some famous characters back in his podcast-alive or dead including Bobby Bacal, Livia Soprano, Paulie Walnuts, Meadow Soprano, and many more, and each one of them referring to the virus in their own style. The mob theme-based series,  The Soprano that won the hearts of millions of viewers worldwide for 6 seasons seems to be back with a twist. Some call it Sopranos rebooted!

For all those who have watched the original Sopranos and for those who missed it, here is a chance to get a glimpse if original with a twist. Grab your seats and get ready to laugh our hearts out. Those are actually 83 minutes of much-needed fun nowadays.

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