Quicksand Season 2 Release Date: Will There Be Season 2?

Just when we thought we had seen every crime drama there was to see, Netflix adds another one to our queue. The Swedish thriller “Quicksand” is this time around. This series, which debuted on Netflix on April 5, 2019, couldn’t be more exciting from beginning to end.

Quicksand is based on Malin Persson Giolito’s novel of the same name, published in 2016. The Best Swedish Crime Novel Award in 2016 and the Glass Key Award in 2017 both went to the author of this best-seller. The teen girl’s internal monologue about her part in the murder is unnerving, as Kirkus Reviews puts it. It’s a great piece of fiction. Many are curious about the status of Season 2 of Quicksand and when it might be available.

Quicksand Season 2 Renewal Status

Since the first season of “Quicksand” premiered in April of 2019, we anticipated that the 2020 season will also premiere in April. That window of opportunity has long since closed without any word on a renewal. Apparently, Netflix has moved on to other things, and Quicksand won’t be back for a second season.

Quicksand Season 2 Release Date

The first season of ‘Quicksand’ debuted on Netflix on April 5, 2019, and all episodes are currently available. Quicksand’s renewal likely hinges on how viewers respond to the first season. We’re crossing our fingers that the outcome is favorable.

In his novel, Ahlgren wraps up the story for the reader. Season 2 of the drama, which is based on the book, will presumably have a new plot. There is currently no confirmation of a second season from the creators.

Quicksand Storyline

In the first scene of “Quicksand,” a gunshot occurs at Djursholm Senior High. Maja Norberg is the primary person of interest in the shooting. She was accused of murder and shooting someone. Maja initially admitted to her involvement in the murder but afterward denied the allegations. The defense at her trial focused on the circumstances surrounding the crime.

The plot of this show revolves around the characters’ recent pasts and present predicaments. In the aftermath of the incident, Maja is left as the lone student alive. However, it’s unclear if they actually conspired with her lover. But Sebastian Fagerman passes away as well.

Quicksand Cast and characters

  • Hanna Ardéhn as Maja Norberg
  • Felix Sandman as Sebastian “Sibbe” Fagerman
  • William Spetz as Samir Said
  • Ella Rappich as Amanda Steen
  • David Dencik as Peder Sander
  • Reuben Sallmander as Claes Fagerman
  • Maria Sundbom as Lena Pärsson
  • Rebecka Hemse as Jeanette Nilsson
  • Arvid Sand as Lars-Gabriel “Labbe” Sager-Crona
  • Helena af Sandeberg as Mimmi Steen
  • Anna Björk as Camilla Norberg
  • Iris Herngren as Lina Norberg
  • Kalled Mustonen as Kalle
  • Marall Nasiri as Susse Zanjani
  • Christopher Wollter as Erik Norberg
  • Jeanette Holmgren as Mags
  • Evin Ahmad as Evin Orak
  • Alva Bratt as Mela
  • Louise Edlind as Majlis
  • Astrid Plynning as Sofie
  • Vehid Abdullahi
  • Suheib Saleh as Dennis
  • Sebastian Sporsén as Per Jonsson
  • Shanti Roney as Christer
  • Moa Lindström as a classmate, funeral visitor and club visitor.
  • Tom Boustedt as a classmate
  • Savannah Hanneryd as club visitor
  • Ray Nordin as club visitor

Quicksand Season 2 Plotline

The first season of the show followed a previously normal high school student who, after having her finger on the trigger during a school shooting, turned violent. Teens Maja (Hanna Ardéhn) and Sebastian (Felix Sandman), from the wrong side of the tracks, were shown dating in the first season before their relationship went off the rails. The show followed the drama unfolding during the trial and flashed back to the events that led up to the major disaster. The new season will likely pick up directly after the conclusion of the original run, and it may introduce new characters at the same time.

Season one took place in a wealthy Stockholm suburb, so it’s conceivable that’s where season two will be located as well. For those unaware, ‘Quicksand’ is based on a 2016 novel of the same name; however, there has been no sequel to the novel, so a second season of the TV program would essentially be like watching an entirely new plot.

Quicksand Season 2 Trailer

If you want to get a feel for what the program is about, check out the Season 1 trailer below.

Quicksand Season 1 Review

Quicksand, which is based on the Swedish novel “Störst av allt” by Malin Persson Giolito, ranks as one of the best dramas of the year and surprises in its depth and quality of writing. Quicksand is the type of drama that’s both simple to watch and difficult to put down, thanks to its two timelines connected by Maja’s flashbacks and one school shooting that serves as the narrative’s anchor.

Quicksand also has a fantastic visual style. The gloomy, grey tone that lingers over the present-day scenes contrasts wonderfully with the more vivid colors of the past, highlighting the change in Maja’s mental state between the two eras. As the story progresses, we learn more about the tangled web of relationships in Maja’s life and begin to doubt the veracity of her recollections, especially at the end. Surprisingly, the leaps between both times work well as well, with the later episode revolving around the incident’s reconstruction benefiting greatly from them.

The film Quicksand exemplifies the art of telling a straightforward story. Quicksand, despite its restricted budget and number of available sets, succeeds in creating a captivating and engaging series thanks to its emphasis on character. Quicksand is one of the year’s easiest shows to suggest due to its novel perspective and brief running time, which is unusual for a series of this type. Quicksand is a terrific series that was one of the biggest surprises of the year, so don’t let the Swedish language put you off.


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