Dragon Ball Super 71: Whis feels the arrival of a powerful character

Granola he becomes the strongest warrior in the universe and wants to fight Frieza. But Elec from the Heeters base is planning to make the Saiyans fight and kill Granola. The draft summary of the Chapter 71 from Dragon Ball Super is available online, giving clues about the Saiyans’ reunion with the new character.

Twitter user DbsHype shared the draft summary of the next chapter of the manga. The first pages of the chapter seem to revolve around the Goku training with Whis. When the protagonist asks Whits what the difference is between him and the angels, he reveals that the angels can keep Ultra Instinct mode all the time.

What to expect in Dragon Ball Super 71?

Goku wants to transform to enter it modo Ultra Instinct and let your body deal with the attacks in Dragon Ball Super. However, Whis feels that Goku can enter the mode without transforming. He adds that the Saiyan needs to control his mind no matter what state he is in and his body will move.

Whis goes on to give a demonstration of the same. He adds that he probably won’t be affected by the time limit and stamina issue. Goku admits that he gets into trouble when he begins to lose stamina during a fight.

In Dragon Ball Super chapter 71, Whis tells Goku that he can use Ultra Instinct as a last resort, but the latter feels it will take a long time. Whis observes that they are running out of time. He calls Vegeta because he wants to share something important.

Whis says that training means that they need to fight and defeat their past selves. Vegeta looks confused but Goku knows he needs to get stronger. Meanwhile, Vegeta comments that they are training for several days and it is obvious that they have gotten stronger.

(Photo: Toei Animation) Whis, Beerus, Goku and Vegeta training

Whis tells them that he felt some disturbance and wants the Saiyans to be ready to face any threat. Goku asks if he is related to them or to a new and stronger enemy.

Whis states that at this point he is not sure if the disturbance is an enemy or not. He’s certainly feeling the arrival of Granola and the next chapter of the shonen manga may feature the first confrontation between Goku, Vegeta, and Granola.

The Truth News reminds you that Dragon Ball Super chapter 71 will be released on Tuesday, April 20. The chapter will be available at Viz Media and Manga Plus. Furthermore, the anime adaptation by Toei Animation is still on indefinite hiatus.

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