ONE PIECE 1008: Kaido and Luffy’s arduous battle in the cliffhanger

The manga of ONE PIECE led us to the awaited battle that will decide the fate not only of Wano and Onigashima but also of the entire world. Whoever comes out of this fight alive will find themselves at the top of the pirate hierarchies and with the concrete possibility of getting their hands on Gol D. Roger’s coveted treasure.

This is why they stand on the dome facing Kaido and Big Mom against Luffy, Zoro, Law, Kidd and Killer. New versus old generation of ONE PIECE that have been putting on a show for several chapters. After several waiting numbers, Kaido also showed off the hybrid form of his Devil Fruit Zoo Zoo model Fish Fish, in a cliffhanger that took the ONE PIECE battle to a new level.

Chapter 1008 of ONE PIECE presented the situation of young pirates: with a few pages, Eiichiro Oda showed that despite the attacks, the two emperors always manage to repel Luffy. Law, Zoro and Kidd agree to find a tactic that can even temporarily separate the two heavyweights of piracy, in such a way as to make them more harmless. The captain of the straw hat pirates, however, does not seem to want to admit himself, as the emperor himself affirms with a draconic appearance.

Will they be able to arrive at a working plan in ONE PIECE 1009 or will we still have to wait for other developments?

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