Sony and Samsung: Ultra-Wideband for Location tracking

Sony and Samsung: Ultra-Wideband for Location tracking

First Bluetooth and now Wi-fi are the essentials part of everybody’s everyday life. These are the Short Range Wireless technology. Now, Sony and Samsung are coming up with the new product for location traction,  An Ultra-Wideband.

There are many devices are comes and go. In the 2000s there is a hype comes in the Ultra Widebands. But Now giant product developers of electronic world are come up with the Ultra-Wideband. So, This is helpful to improve the location tracking. This will improve the lives of people with Ultra-Wideband.

According to a report of the Fine Ranging will include the major names in this race. It includes Samsung, Sony, Bosch, and LitePoint. They are showing interest to develop the Ultra-Wideband. So, it will be good for a wide range of services from different brands. Also, there is the IEEE Standard is making the way to build the Quality Ultra-Wideband. Fire Raging Stated that “We are working on the new technology and it will help in people’s everyday life, it will become a revolutionary”

This new standard of technology will help them to connect with the low-data rate connectivity with 802.15.4/4z.

How Ultra Wideband Works?

Simple working process of Ultra Wideband is it receives pulse and send pulses. For that, they use the Wide range of the spectrum. With frequency, they use several GHz in Bandwidth.  They receive it and translate it with the help of the sequence transmitter.

The reason behind the using transmitter is it is using the restricted to use ultralow-power. And then it will create interference with all other wireless spectra. They will help them into the detection of the pulse. So, for highly accurate and secure location tracking result.

Technology is always an everchanging market. When Ultra-wideband is coming in the world in 2000, it is only for medical and military purposes. But nowadays IoT also comes with fresh ideas. And for all individual approach, it will be a compact as well. So you can put it up in your pocket. You can use it in Shopping Malls and Airports. It will help you find your car in the Multi-Storey parking garage.

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