Power Season 6 coming to Netflix UK weekly from August 2019

The exhilarating series of Power is bringing its final season to us this August 2019. It is a month later than the usual July slot, but it’s worth the wait. As announced earlier, the first episode will be aired on Netflix UK on August 26th. The first ten episodes of the series will be aired weekly followed by the last five bringing the show to a wrap-up around January 2020.

Power Season 6
Power Season 6

Most of us are distressed since the cliffhanger of the final episode of season 5. The episode ended when Tommy Egan shotted Angela Valdes in form of Ghost.

The teaser delivered a message to all the avid fans: “The situation is critical.”. The trailer was no less as it promised lots of action, drama and betrayal and has kept us on our toes since July 2018.

The official synopsis of season 6 brings all the matters to head as Ghost is out for vengeance and his partners will pay for the ultimate betrayal. Ghost is solely devoted to revenge and trusts no one having been betrayed by his close ones. This season is all about the consequences by the choices one must make at a certain point in time. This season is promised to be fun but challenging for the fans. The directors promise an unpredictable ending, one that no one can predict.

Even though this is the last season, hardcore fans will not be disappointed as the directors are planning to bring us more shows. The world of Power is made up of a complex web of characters, each one with a story to tell.

I suggest all the fans to buckle into their seats for a wild ride that will end unpredictably. This may be the last season of the show, but it does pack a ‘powerful’ punch!

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