Poker Face Season 2: Release Date, Cast, And Everything We Know Far

Three weeks after Poker Face’s premiere, Peacock gave the show a season two greenlight. However, neither the show’s new cast nor its start date has been revealed. Poker Face, developed by Knives Out and Glass Onion writer and director Rian Johnson, allowed Natasha Lyonne the chance to interact with different actors and stories while also receiving high accolades for its mystery of the week format. Lyonne’s character, criminal profiler Charlie Cale, was left on the run for an entirely different reason as the first season of the crime drama came to a close, setting up a second season. What follows is a complete guide to Season 2 of Poker Face.

Poker Face Season 2 Renewal Status

Peacock captivated viewers with the premiere of the first four episodes of Poker Face in January 2023 and continued to do so with the release of a new episode every week until the series finale. Poker Face got renewed for a second season after only six episodes of its 10-episode first season and a hint from a Peacock executive about the show’s second season.

A second season of Poker Face, one of Peacock’s best shows, appeared certain as long as Johnson and Lyonne were on board. Johnson made it obvious that he and his partner are eager for more than a second season to continue their work. Telling THR, he and Natasha regularly discuss the prospect of “getting old doing this.” I picture her doing a Jessica Fletcher impression. I’d be overjoyed. There must be some sort of motor in here for this to keep moving.

Poker Face Season 2 Release Date

While a premiere date for Season 2 of Poker Face has not been set, the show was renewed ahead of schedule so that production could begin as soon as feasible.

Until till notice, all we can do is thought as to when we might see Poker Face again. We can only speculate, but we’d put the release of season two in the spring or summer of 2024.

Poker Face Cast and characters

  • Natasha Lyonne as Charlie Cale, a cocktail waitress with the uncanny ability to tell when people are lying
  • Benjamin Bratt as Cliff LeGrand, the head of security at the casino Charlie works at, with whom she finds herself at odds.
  • Adrien Brody as Sterling Frost Jr., the manager of the casino where Charlie works.
  • Dascha Polanco as Natalie Hill, Charlie’s best friend and a maid at Frost’s casino who comes across something insidious
  • Noah Segan as Sheriff Parker, the local sheriff of Laughlin, Nevada
  • Ron Perlman as Sterling Frost Sr., Frost’s ruthless father
  • Hong Chau as Marge, a solitary, reclusive trucker who Charlie befriends
  • Megan Suri as Sara, a convenience store worker that both Jed and Damian have a crush on
  • Colton Ryan as Jed, an unstable mechanic
  • John Ratzenberger as Abe, Jed’s uncle and boss
  • Brandon Micheal Hall as Damian, a friendly Subway worker
  • Chelsea Frei as Dana, a diner waitress
  • Lil Rel Howery as Taffy Boyle, the co-owner and business side of a popular barbecue restaurant
  • Danielle Macdonald as Mandy Boyle, Taffy’s sister-in-law who works with him and George
  • Shane Paul McGhie as Austin / Hanky T. Pickins, a bored radio station secretary with a talent for voice acting
  • Larry Brown as George Boyle, the co-owner and chef of Taffy’s restaurant who Charlie befriends
  • Chloë Sevigny as Ruby Ruin, the leader and vocalist of the band Doxxxology, who struggles to find success and hires Charlie
  • Nicholas Cirillo as Gavin, a drummer and big Doxxxology fan
  • Chuck Cooper as Deuteronomy, Doxxxology’s roadie
  • John Darnielle as Al, Doxxxology’s guitarist
  • G.K. Umeh as Eskie, Doxxxology’s bassist
  • Judith Light as Irene Smothers, a resident of a retirement home and Joyce’s best friend
  • S. Epatha Merkerson as Joyce Harris, a resident of a retirement home and Irene’s best friend
  • K Callan as Betty, a nosy resident of Joyce and Irene’s community
  • Reed Birney as Ben / Gabriel, a new resident of Joyce and Irene’s community that they have a past with
  • Simon Helberg as Luca Clark, an FBI agent who initially pretends to be Ben’s nephew
  • Ellen Barkin as Kathleen Townsend, an actress with a fading career who has a long-standing feud with Michael
  • Tim Meadows as Michael Graves, a mostly retired actor who has a long-standing feud with Kathleen
  • Audrey Corsa as Rebecca, the young third actor in Kathleen’s play
  • Jameela Jamil as Ava, Michael’s wealthy wife
  • Tim Blake Nelson as Keith Owens, an aging racer
  • Charles Melton as Davis McDowell, a young racer that Charlie befriends
  • Leslie Silva as Donna Owens, Owens’s wife
  • Angel Desai as Jean McDowell, Davis’s mother
  • Jasmine Aiyana Garvin as Katy Owens, Owens’s daughter who seeks to become a racer
  • Jack Alcott as Randy, Davis’s friend who helps him with his car
  • Nick Nolte as Arthur Liptin, the co-founder of LAM, a pioneer visual effects company, who Charlie befriends
  • Cherry Jones as Laura, the co-founder of LAM
  • Luis Guzmán as Raoul, LAM’s archivist
  • Rowan Blanchard as Lily Albern, an actress who worked on LAM’s first film
  • Tim Russ as Max, the co-founder of LA

Poker Face Season 2 Plotline

The season 1 finale of Poker Face reveals that the second season would center on Beatrix Hasp’s (Rhea Perlman) pursuit of Charlie. Now that Charlie has evaded Cliff LeGrand (Benjamin Bratt), who is on his way to prison for murdering Sterling Frost Sr. (Ron Perlman), he can start again with a fresh slate. But the phone call from Hasp forces Charlie to choose between working for her and dying. Poker Face season 2 should pick up after Charlie destroys her phone and drives off in her 1969 Plymouth Barracuda.

Charlie’s next move while on the run is a mystery, though her past relationship with Luka Clark in the first season should serve her well. Additionally, the introduction of Charlie’s sister Emily in the tenth episode of the first season of Poker Face, “The Hook,” provides a new potential direction for the show.

Poker Face Season 2 Trailer

There is currently no new Poker Face footage available, but rest assured that we will be the first to let you know when it does become available, which is expected to be sometime in 2024. I assure you.

Poker Face Season 1 Review

The “who-dun-it” genre is given fresh life by Peacock’s “Poker Face,” a lively new sitcom about a human polygraph that premiered on January 26. This comic drama was written and directed by Rian Johnson, who also helmed the critically acclaimed mystery films “Knives Out” and “Glass Onion.” There’s a new plot and cast of characters and motivations in each installment. This makes every episode more exciting than the last as we see Charlie Cane (played by the legendary Natasha Lyonne) navigate a maze of perilous situations.

Poker Face’s dated format is one of the film’s most intriguing aspects. Each episode opens with a murder that is shocking and often graphic, but not necessarily violent. The program then jumps to the middle, where Charlie is brought into the situation, generally through some eerie link to the victims.

The show’s success lies in the character-driven storylines it tells. Throughout the series, the good guys always seem to get the boot while the bad guys, who are constantly motivated by greed, manage to succeed. Charlie is the cosmic judge who ties up loose ends and ensures that everyone gets what they deserve.


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