Pennyworth The Origin of Batman’s Butler Season 4 Expected Release Date: Is It Renewed Or Canceled?

For those of you who don’t know, Pennyworth, a crime drama on HBO Max, is about Alfred Pennyworth, Batman’s loyal sidekick and highly skilled butler. Remember him? After talking to people who liked watching the first two seasons of Pennyworth on Epix, the show’s creators found that most of them didn’t know that the show was about how Alfie became Batman’s butler. So, the subtitle “The Origin of Batman’s Butler” was added to make things clear.

Pennyworth The Origin of Batman’s Butler Season 4

Bruno Heller and Danny Cannon made Pennyworth, which is a prequel to “Gotham” and “V for Vendetta.” The thriller TV show is based on the Bill Finger and Jerry Robinson-written DC comic book “Alfred Pennyworth.” During the American Civil War, Alfred (Jack Bannon), a young former British SAS soldier, becomes an aim of a fascist group called the Raven Society.

Pennyworth debuted on Epix on July 28, 2019. It was made by Primrose Hill Production, DC Entertainment, and Warner Bros. Television. For its third season, which started in October 2021, the show was moved to HBO Max. On October 6, 2022, Season 3 of Pennyworth debuted on HBO Max with the subtitle “The Origin of Batman’s Butler.” Pennyworth is created by Bruno Heller and Danny Cannon, and David E. Russo and Lorne Balfe write the music for the show.

Pennyworth The Origin of Batman’s Butler Season 4 Renewal Status

Pennyworth: The Origin of Batman’s Butler will not continue on HBO Max. Pennyworth was a prequel to Batman that looked into the past of Alfred Pennyworth, a respected member of the Bat Family. The show ran for three seasons, with the first two on Epix and the third on HBO Max. There, Bruno Heller’s Gotham drama joined Titans and Doom Patrol, two other DC shows that were also canceled just a few days before Pennyworth’s fate was revealed.

The Hollywood Reporter says that HBO Max has made the decision against making a fourth season of Pennyworth. Jack Bannon played a young Alfred Pennyworth in the show. He would later meet famous DC characters like Thomas Wayne (Ben Aldridge) and Martha Kane (Emma Paetz). Pennyworth’s third and final season was called Pennyworth: The Origin of Batman’s Butler. This was probably done to get more people interested in the show, but it doesn’t look like it worked.

Pennyworth The Origin of Batman’s Butler Season Cast

  • Jack Bannon as Alfred Pennyworth
  • Ben Aldridge as Thomas Wayne
  • Hainsley Lloyd Bennett as Deon “Bazza” Bashford
  • Ryan Fletcher as Wallace “Daveboy” MacDougal
  • Dorothy Atkinson as Mary Pennyworth
  • Ian Puleston-Davies as Arthur Pennyworth
  • Paloma Faith as Bet Sykes
  • Jason Flemyng as Lord James Harwood
  • Polly Walker as Margaret “Peggy” Sykes
  • Emma Paetz as Martha Wayne (née Kane)]
  • Ramon Tikaram as Detective Inspector / Prime Minister Victor Aziz
  • Harriet Slater as Sandra Onslow
  • Edward Hogg as Colonel John Salt
  • Jessye Romeo as Katie Browning
  • James Purefoy as Captain Gulliver “Gully”
  • Simon Manyonda as Lucius Fox

Pennyworth The Origin of Batman’s Butler Season 4 Plot

Even though Pennyworth is set in the real world and doesn’t have the colorful superheroes that Batman will later face, this prequel show is still a story that leads up to those events. Heller says that if Pennyworth is brought into the Batman world, where supervillains like the Joker live, the show can only get “crazier” from here on out.

“It would have to be slightly more bonkers. We’ve got to keep up that arc. It’s leading to a world in which people like Batman and the Joker exist, so it was always the intention to kind of keep upping the ante on the craziness of this world as long as it keeps a grounding in real life, which is where Jack Bannon and Alfred come in because he’s such a regular person. The world will get stranger and crazier as it goes on.”

Pennyworth, which was made by Heller and Danny Cannon, is a prequel to Batman. It shows how Alfred Pennyworth, who later becomes the butler for the Wayne family and helps Bruce Wayne fight crime as Batman, got his start. Alfred Pennyworth is a role played by Jack Bannon.

Pennyworth The Origin of Batman’s Butler Season Recap

In the crime drama series Pennyworth, young Alfred (Jack Bannon), a former British SAS soldier, becomes a target of a fascist group called the Raven Society during the American Civil War. Alfred, who runs The Delaney, a black-market club in Soho, works with Thomas Wayne and Martha Kane, the future parents of Bruce Wayne, and other American agents of the No Name League to stop the Raven Society. Along with Alfred’s SAS friends Deon “Bazza” Bashford and Wallace “Daveboy” MacDougal, they end up going up against Lord James Harwood, the powerful leader of the Raven Society.

After taking over most of the UK in season 2, Lord Hardwood and his Raven Union have the support of the British Army. The Queen and the rest of the No Name League agents have to hide in London. Alfred, Bazza, and Daveboy are saving money to go to America, but as usual, they get caught up in games and plots. Bazza is killed in a car explosion, which kills him instantly. Alfred goes back to robbing businesses with Gully, his former SAS captain when he finds out how expensive it is to get to America. The Ravens start to test Stormcloud, a deadly gas that they plan to use in London if Prime Minister Aziz doesn’t give up.

Alfred has finally done what he’s always wanted and started his own security company in the recently released third season. The team is now up against a CIA operation called “Lullaby State.” This operation uses a psychokinetic drug to put people in a state where they want to kill. Patrick Wayne, Thomas’s meddling father, also shows up after being absent from his son’s life for years, which Martha thinks is no accident. As we watch Thomas and Patrick’s cold relationship, we see the same coldness in Thomas’s relationship with Bruce (Batman). A lot of the Wayne family’s past starts to come to light.

Pennyworth The Origin of Batman’s Butler Season Ratings

Fans and critics around the world have mostly liked the show, so the news that it will end after three seasons comes as a surprise. Based on 30 reviews on Rotten Tomatoes, the first season has a 73% approval rating and an average rating of 7.30/10. The site’s critical consensus says, “Pennyworth is an interesting spy thriller with interesting characters and impressive set pieces, but it doesn’t add much to the Batman mythos as a whole.”

Based on 5 reviews, 60% of people like the second season. Also, 89% of the audience liked the last season. According to feedback from nine critics, the show has a weighted overall average of 60 out of 100 on Metacritic. This means that the reviews are “mixed or average.” The drama joins other DC shows on the streaming service, like Titans and Doom Patrol, which are both ending their fourth seasons.

Where to watch Pennyworth The Origin of Batman’s Butler Season?

On the Epix Amazon Channel and the Epic Roku Channel, you can stream the first two seasons of Pennyworth. On HBO Max, you can also watch all three seasons. The first and second seasons of Pennyworth can be bought on Amazon, Busy, Apple TV, and Google Play Movies.

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