Pedro Pascal as Joel Miller in The Last of Us

The Mandalorian actor, Pedro Pascal, has been cast as Joel Miller in the HBO series The Last of Us.

Although rumors in the last hours of yesterday pointed to Mahershala Ali in the role of Joel Miller for The Last of Us series, finally the one chosen for the leading role would have been Pedro Pascal, the Chilean actor who gave life to Din Dujardin in The Mandalorian as well as so many iconic pop culture characters.

With Pascal’s confirmation, we already have the stellar duo of the new HBO project since yesterday, and it was revealed that Bella Ramsey would give life to Ellie in the series.
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The curious detail is that the chain has decided to reuse two actors who had great moments in Game of Thrones. Pedro Pascal knew how to play Oberyn Martell, while Bella Ramsey to Lyanna Mormont, better known as Lady Osita.

With the protagonists confirmed, the series will begin its takeoff towards production at any time, so we will have to be attentive to everything that arises in this regard.

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