Pasion De Gavilanes Season 3 Release Date: Is It Renewed Or Not?

“Pasion de Gavilanes” is a Colombian telenovela created by Julio Jimenez and directed by Rodrigo Triana, Sergio Osorio, and Camilo Vega for the Caracol TV company. Originally written by Jimenez and produced by RTI in 1994, “Las aguas mansas” serves as the inspiration for the play. On October 21, 2003, Caracol TV in Colombia premiered Pasion de Gavilanes. Ana Luca Domnguez, Zharick León, Juan Sebastián Aragón, and Juan Pablo Shuk all make appearances. Other notable cast members include Mario Cimarro, Paola Rey, Jorge Cao, Alfonso Baptista, Michel Brown, Gloria Gómez, Kristina Lilley, Natasha Klauss, and Juan Pablo Shuk.

The second season premiered in February 2022 and wrapped up in May of that year. Fans of the 1994 soap opera can’t help but be excited about Jimenez’s follow-up plot. Fans are interested in knowing if there will be a third season of the telenovela. Is Pasion de Gavilanes finally over? What is the answer? read on.

Pasion De Gavilanes Season 3 Renewal Status

There has been no official word regarding a season 3. After 20 years, the second season of the show premiered in 2022. From what I can tell, a third season is highly unlikely. Especially considering the series’ universally negative reception.

If the show gets enough positive feedback from viewers, the producers may consider making a third season. Since the second season ended on a minor and negligible cliffhanger, though, we shouldn’t expect a new series from them until at least the end of 2024.

Pasion De Gavilanes Season 3 Release Date

In 2003, on October 21st, the first season of ‘Pasion de Gavilanes’ became available. There are a total of 188 episodes, and they each last between 42 and 45 minutes. Passion and love are depicted in the novel as two powerful emotions that can change a person forever. The protagonists of the narrative are three brothers whose lives are turned upside down by these feelings. On September 14, 2004, the inaugural season concluded. It came out in the 2000s, therefore we have no idea how well-received it was. From the reactions to the second season, however, we may infer that a sizable audience watched it.

The second season premiered 20 years after the first. Yes, it has returned with a vengeance after an absence of 20 years. On February 14, 2022, Netflix unveiled the second season. It consists of 71 episodes, each of which is about 45 minutes long. As of December 31, 2022, the series finale was available for viewing. It’s a long series, that’s for sure. Still, it’s a hit with the viewers. Imagine seeing the next episode of your favorite show after waiting 20 years. Incredible dedication has been shown to this series.

Now that the upcoming season is out, viewers are eager for the third season, which is still in the works. No information regarding Season 3 has been provided by the producers. The second season premiered much after the first had ended. Don’t give up, guys; we just need to be patient as we wait for information.

Pasion De Gavilanes Storyline

The three Reyes brothers had always been good people, but that all changed the day they witnessed a tragedy. Because of what happened, they became bent on revenge. Their carefully arranged plot takes an unexpected direction and becomes more complicated when they meet the three Elizondo sisters, the beautiful daughters of the powerful hacendado whom they blame for their unhappiness.

The story is told in the third person from the perspective of Juan, Oscar, and Franco, three brothers who are out for revenge against the Elizondo family for the death of their sister, Libia. However, their plans for vengeance hit a snag when they develop feelings for Norma, Jimena, and Sara. There are 188 episodes in the first season and 71 in the second.

Pasion De Gavilanes Cast

  • Danna García as Norma Elizondo Acevedo de Reyes; Bernardo and Gabriela’s second daughter
  • Mario Cimarro as Juan “Juancho” Reyes Guerrero, Oscar, Franco’s and Libia’s older brother, Ruth’s maternal cousin
  • Paola Rey as Jimena Elizondo Acevedo de Reyes; Bernardo and Gabriela’s youngest daughter
  • Alfonso Baptista as Óscar Reyes Guerrero; Juan’s younger brother
  • Michel Brown as Franco Reyes Guerrero; Juan and Oscar’s younger brother
  • Natasha Klauss as Sara “Sarita” Elizondo Acevedo de Reyes
  • Kristina Lilley as Gabriela Acevedo de Elizondo/Gabriela Acevedo Escándon
  • Ana Lucía Domínguez as Libia Reyes Guerrero / Ruth Uribe Santos / Ruth Guerrero Rodríguez
  • Gloria Gómez as Eva Rodríguez; Housekeeper of Elizondo household
  • Zharick León as Rosario Montes; Franco’s former lover, Armando’s widow, Samuel’s wife and Muriel’s mother
  • Juan Sebastián Aragón as Armando Navarro; Rosario’s husband
  • Juan Pablo Shuk as Fernando Escandón; Norma and Gabriela’s ex-husband
  • Lorena Meritano as Dínora Rosales; was in love with Juan
  • Bernardo Flores as Juan David Reyes, Juan and Norma’s eldest son
  • Camila Rojas as Muriel Caballero Montes, Rosario and Samuel’s only daughter
  • Juan Manuel Restrepo as León Reyes, Erick’s twin and Juan David’s younger brother. Juan and Norma’s son
  • Sebastián Osorio as Erick Reyes, León’s twin and Juan David’s younger brother. Juan and Norma’s son
  • Yare Santana as Gabriela “Gaby” Reyes, Sara and Franco’s daughter, Andrés Reyes’s sister
  • Jerónimo Cantillo as Andrés Reyes, Sara and Franco’s son, Gaby’s brother
  • Ángel de Miguel as Albin Duarte
  • Alejandro López as Demetrio Jurado
  • Boris Schoemann as Pablo Gunter, Rosario’s employee
  • Katherine Porto as Romina Clemente, had an affair with Oscar
  • Liliana Calderón as Nidia
  • Margarita Amado as Rosita
  • Guillermo Villa as the father Epifanio
  • Ana Soler as Emilce
  • Helga Díaz as Betina
  • Carlos Duplat as Agapito Cortéz
  • Constanza Hernández as Panchita López; Rosario’s employee
  • Jacobo Montalvo as Duván Clemente; Oscar and Romina’s son, Jimena’s stepson
  • Jonathan Bedoya as Nino Barcha ; Gaby’s late boyfriend
  • Valeria Caicedo as Sibila; Erick’s fiance

Pasion De Gavilanes Season 3 Plot

Erick and Leon, who were falsely accused of killing Genaro Carreno and forced to escape the country, may finally be telling their story in the show’s third season. We will undoubtedly get to see more of the wonderful development of Rosario Montes and Samuel Caballero’s tale now that the two have a daughter together after being reunited after 20 years.

It’s also possible that, like the previous series, additional characters will be introduced as the story develops in this one. Especially if new actors are going to be introduced to play significant roles in the series.

Where to watch Pasion De Gavilanes?

Both seasons of ‘Pasion de Gavilanes’ may be viewed in their entirety on Netflix. There are currently no other authorized streaming locations for this show.

Pasion De Gavilanes Season 2 Rating

Metacritic and IMDb scores are both 7.8 out of 10. The show’s plot twists and originality have won it widespread acclaim. No one could have foreseen the show’s success after 20 years away, and the producers deserve praise for the way they handled the situation.

Is Pasion De Gavilanes worth watching?

Get after it. Stop thinking about it and just do it. This series is for you if you enjoy basic love stories with a lot of conflict and drama. Since its premiere in 2003, the show has consistently delivered excellent episodes. Even after 20 years, the characters still had chemistry, and their work was still well-received. They were all given equal screen time, and the series was written so that it could pass for either the present or the past.

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