Painter of The Night Chapter 132 Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Everything You Need to Know

Painter of The Night Chapter 132 Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Everything You Need to Know

This much awaited episode explores the convoluted history of Kim Ho-rang, the wealthy man who helped Na-yum, the controversial painter. Fans can’t wait for this captivating drama’s next exciting part.

Ch. 132 of Painter of the Night Release Date: Painter of the Night is a popular series among Japanese manga fans.

We discover more about the complicated background of wealthy Kim Ho-rang, who supported renowned graphic painter Na-yum, in this eagerly awaited section.

Fans can’t wait for this gripping drama’s next exciting part. As the brothers consider their options, political friction between them will grow in Painter of the Night Chapter 121.

The plot has advanced well beyond the two persons working together covertly to accomplish covert goals. The top and bottom now merely desire to live in peace and are not in it for the canal pleasure.

But since the alpha in their connection has performed some pretty ridiculous things, peace is not something that will come easily to them.

In an attempt to gain his father’s attention, he has taken steps to tarnish his father’s reputation. That, though, was prior to his meeting Na-Kyum. The male lead has undergone significant alteration since meeting the painter.

He has become so much the better man that he is now ready to set the past behind him. However, the past is difficult to let go of, even for those who are ready to do so.
This also applies to the main character, whose father has turned out to be a disaster in his life.

Hi everyone, and welcome to Chapter 129 of our Painter of the Night series! We discover more about the complex lives of Kim Ho-rang, the wealthy guy who assisted Na-yum, the sexual painter, and others in this eagerly awaited section.

The next chapter of this engrossing tale is eagerly anticipated by fans. One of the most well-known BL series from the past several years is Painter of the Night. It features compelling characters and an amazing plot.

The much anticipated chapter 129 of the well-known Japanese manga series, “Painter of the Night,” has finally arrived.

Readers are left wondering what will happen next as this chapter explores the deteriorating relationship among Seungho and his father.

The series stands apart from others in the BL genre thanks to its captivating storyline and well-developed characters.

Fans are looking forward to this chapter because it will provide more in-depth information on the lives of the two main characters in the narrative, Na-yum and Kim Ho-rang.

Painter of The Night Chapter 132 Release Date

Painter of the Night Chapter 132 is highly anticipated by fans. In this intriguing manga, everyone is eager to learn what will happen after the thrilling events of Chapter 132.

Chapter 132’s publication date has been decided. December 1, 2023 is when Painter of the Night Chapter 132 is scheduled to be released, though the precise time may vary depending on where you reside.

Painter of The Night Chapter 132 Trailer

Painter of The Night Chapter 132 Plot

Scene 1 of the chapter shows Na-yum waking up on Seungho’s bed. He doesn’t know what happened the previous night, and he feels scared and confused.

Seungho confesses to Na-yum that he truly loves him and wants to live out the rest of his life alongside him during their talk.

He gives him a passionate kiss and tries to make affection for him again, but Na-Yum pushes him away each time.

He tells Seungho that he doesn’t really love him and that the sole manner in which he sees him is because he’s his master.

He is both hurt and enraged by Na-yum’s rejection of Seungho. He charges him with deceiving him and playing with his emotions.

He asserts that he cannot resist his desire to Na-kyum and that he understands that she enjoyed their time together.

No matter what, he says, he is not going to let him go he will take him as his own. Na-yum is terrified because of Seungho’s obsession.

He pleads with him to stop and to let him go. He asserts that he is not interested in being the other person’s boyfriend or the painter.

Seungho declares that he wants to be free to live the life he wants. Seungho is not just listening to Na-kyum; he has other interests.

He asserts that no one else can make himself happy and that he will never consent to being touched by anybody else.

He continues by saying he won’t allow anyone else to touch him. He swears to incarcerate him in his house and maintain him as a valuable asset.

He makes the commitment to dominate his thoughts and make him focus only on himself.

Na-yum feels hopeless and helpless right now. He cries and tears, but no one appears to be able to hear him.

He realises with horror that this nightmare he is living through is not something he can escape.

As of right now, “Painter of the Night” Chapter 129 is not accessible in raw scan format. Before a chapter is officially released, viewers can frequently get a preview of its illustrations and plot by looking at raw scans.

But we do advise fans to wait patiently for the official release so they can fully immerse themselves with the upcoming exciting chapter of this engrossing manga series.

Manhua’s novels are published chapter by chapter, therefore Painter of the Night Chapter 120 did end on quite the cliffhanger.

However, that is a major setback for the series’ diehard fans, who will now have to wait for the next installment. Furthermore, since the release of the second season, the release of the entire series has been irregular.

However, the series has remained one of the most well-liked among its peers in spite of the erratic distribution of chapters.

Furthermore, a few noteworthy character moments in the more recent chapters demonstrate the absence of the characters.

Readers also give Na-Kyum more points because he was the one who gave up all in the past.

However, he was always at the bottom in the narrative, so he wasn’t out of place in this new role as a maiden going through hardship.

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