Pact of Silence Season 2 Release Date: Will there be Season 2?

Pact of Silence, a new release on Netflix, is a tightly constructed tale of revenge and emotional struggle. Brenda, a vengeful teenager, seeks revenge for her unhappy formative years. The ensemble cast of the Mexican series includes Unstoppable’s Camila Valero, who plays Brenda and causes mayhem.

The eighteen-part drama, which is a telenovela, is somewhere between a soap opera and a corny drama. The plot may be complicated, but director Carlos Villegas Rosales and his outstanding ensemble make it work. What draws in viewers and keeps them watching this mind-boggling soap is the raw passion it evokes.

Pact of Silence Season 2

The Mexican series has definitely established itself as a permanent fixture in Netflix’s extensive library. Fans can’t get enough of Brenda’s quest for vengeance. There’s no denying that curiosity and speculation about Season 2 of Pact of Silence are on the rise. If you’ve been wondering the same thing, your search is over.

Pact of Silence Season 2 Renewal Status

Netflix has not ordered a second season of the Mexican drama as of October 13. The first season has only just been released, so this is to be expected. The renewal or cancellation of a Netflix original series so soon after its initial airing is unusual.

Usually, the streamer will give it a certain amount of time and see how it performs before making a call. Netflix may order a second season if the show’s total viewing hours are high enough to satisfy the service’s requirements.

If you asked us, though, we wouldn’t hold our breath waiting for a return of the show. At the end of the first season, Brenda learns the identities of her parents and that she has brothers and sisters. She has forgiven her biological mother and the other women who were present during her unusual delivery. The first season concludes neatly and satisfactorily, with no unanswered questions. Therefore, there is no compelling reason to produce Pact of Silence Season 2.

However, the show’s creators could always create additional episodes if Netflix opted to give the show another try. What happens next is completely out of our hands.

Pact of Silence Season 2 Release Date

Rosales and the film’s screenwriter, José Vicente Spataro, worked together to create the Mexican drama Pacto de Silencio. Cinematography is handled by Lucas Cristo and Gabriella Fuchs, and production is overseen by Mariana Iskandarani.

The series explores the complicated dynamics of a mother-daughter relationship and was filmed entirely in Mexico. Brenda’s relationship with her estranged mother, if it can even be called that, is not abnormal.

The show is an interesting blend of genres and cliches, making for a compelling mystery. Despite Netflix’s silence on the likely continuation, it’s clear from the cliffhangers that the show would be renewed for more than one season. If Netflix greenlights Season 2 of Pact of Silence by year’s end, the new episodes might debut in the fourth quarter of 2024.

Pact of Silence Story

Four teenagers abduct a baby at night and abandon her in a dilapidated building in the middle of nowhere. Ramona, the principal of their school, will be there to pick them up. She has been instrumental in the girls’ plan to abandon the kid, whom they have named Brenda, and in keeping the pregnancy a secret.

Brenda makes it through her difficult upbringing in filth. Brenda rises from abject poverty to become a popular figure with a massive online following. She is strong and self-assured, and she intends to exact revenge on those responsible for abandoning her, especially her biological mother.

Pact of Silence Cast

  • Camila Valero as Brenda Rey
  • Chantal Andere as Ramona Castro
  • Litzy as Sofía Estrada
  • Kika Edgar as Irene Bustamante
  • Adriana Louvier as Fernanda Alarcón
  • Marimar Vega as Martina Robles
  • Erick Chapa as Rodrigo
  • Rodolfo Salas as Omar
  • José Manuel Rincón as Adriano
  • Martín Barba as Alex

Pact of Silence Season 2 Plot

Brenda buckles up and braces herself for the trip on the roller coaster. The women have made a promise not to tell anyone the truth, even if it means their own deaths. There are obviously a lot of flaws and hidden information in their story. Brenda must handle the horrible blackmailer, her possible mother’s gang, and her reputation on her own. Instead of exacting revenge, she finds that navigating her troubled history and haunting recollections is a difficult and time-consuming task.

The second season of Pact of Silence will center on the revelation of Brenda’s mother’s identity. It will also reveal the motivations of these women and the brains behind the plot against Brenda.

Pact of Silence Season 2 Trailer

There is no trailer available for Pact of Silence season 2. You can watch the first season trailer below.

Where to watch Pact of Silence?

Netflix provides online access to Pact of Silence.

Pact of Silence Season 1 Review

You won’t have time to get bored with Pact of Silence because of all the unexpected turns it takes. The terrible secrets of each character are revealed. When they finally made an appearance, I had the impression that the four of them were close friends who respected one another’s personal space. The cast, including Camila Valero as Brenda, delivered a solid performance.

There’s a lot of intrigue and excitement in the first 10 episodes, but viewers won’t be able to figure out who is Brenda’s mother. The drama will leave a lasting impact on viewers thanks to a superb performance by the lead actress and a talented ensemble cast. Its heartfelt message of love’s resilience in the face of deceit and rejection stays with us long after we’ve finished reading it. Anyone looking for a moving and thought-provoking film should definitely check this out.


The latest Mexican blockbuster, Pact of Silence, is a deliciously dark thriller that borrows aspects from cryptic stories and perplexing mysteries. Here, amid the bright light of the stage, the performers wait, eager to step back into character and join the unfolding action.

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