Into the Night Season 3: Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Everything You Need to Know

Based on Jacek Dukaj’s novel The Old Axolotl, Netflix’s Into the Night is a sci-fi action series. The plot follows a band of survivors who board a jet to escape from an evil force that destroys everything it comes into contact with when exposed to sunlight.

The premiere aired on May 1, 2020, and the finale aired on September 8, 2021. Fans and experts alike have praised the show’s compelling plot, multicultural ensemble, and eye-popping special effects. But what about the final season? Is there going to be a continuation of Into the Night? If so, when can we expect to see them on Netflix? Everything we know about Into the Night Season 3 thus far is outlined below.

Into the Night Season 3 Renewal Status

However, Netflix has not yet announced that season 3 of “Into the Night” will be available. On September 8, 2021, the second season of the show was released on the streaming service. A minor delay in the renewal has been anticipated given Netflix’s habit of taking its own time analyzing viewership figures. The season two finale left viewers hanging, which is a good sign that the show’s tale will continue next year.

While we wait for additional information, you may be interested to hear that there is a Turkish language spin-off of ‘Into the Night’ that takes place in a submarine. The spin-off premiered on July 31, 2022, and bears the title Into the Deep.

Into the Night Season 3 Release Date

No information about Into the Night Season 3 has been released as of this writing. Despite the show’s popularity, Netflix has remained mum on Into the Night’s future. The publication of Yakamoz S-245, however, may indicate that Netflix is prepared to fund a larger universe based on the occurrences of these shows.

Despite the lack of information on Into the Night Season 3, fans might take solace in the release of Yakamoz S-245, which has a direct bearing on the events of Season 2’s climax. It appears that there is a strong likelihood that the two series will merge. Let’s take a look at the information we have so far about Into the Night season 3.

You shouldn’t give up hope just because Into the Night hasn’t been renewed yet. The show’s future on Netflix is uncertain, but it hasn’t been formally canceled either. It’s still up in the air, but supporters should get ready for the worst in case of a confirmed cancellation.

Into the Night Story

The first season centers on a group of travelers whose red-eye flight from Brussels is hijacked. Italian NATO soldier Terenzio forcibly boards the plane and demands an immediate departure. The few people on board the plane end up being some of the last people alive after a worldwide catastrophe brought on by direct sunlight.

The plane is making a beeline for the west in an effort to avoid the disaster that has eliminated all daylight-dependent life. Mathieu, the pilot, and Sylvie, a passenger and former military helicopter pilot, must coordinate their efforts to keep the sun at bay. Fuel shortages, irradiated food, secret motives, and other obstacles plague the gang as they try to make it to a secure military bunker as quickly as possible.

In the second season, those who made it through the first one begin to make preparations to seek shelter from the sun in a NATO bunker in Bulgaria. The military personnel in the bunker continue their fight for survival by attempting to manage an increasing dispute and find a way to replenish dwindling supplies.

Into the Night Cast

  • Pauline Etienne as Sylvie Bridgette Dubois
  • Laurent Capelluto as Mathieu Daniel Douek
  • Stefano Cassetti as Terenzio Matteo Gallo
  • Mehmet Kurtuluş as Ayaz Kobanbay
  • Babetida Sadjo as Laura Djalo
  • Jan Bijvoet as Richard “Rik” Mertens
  • Ksawery Szlenkier as Jakub Kieslowski
  • Vincent Londez as Horst Baudin
  • Regina Bikkinina as Zara Oblonskaya
  • Alba Gaïa Bellugi as Ines Mélanie Ricci
  • Nabil Mallat as Osman Azizi
  • Nicolas Alechine as Dominik Oblonsky
  • Astrid Whettnall as Gabrielle Renoir
  • Émilie Caen as Théa Bisset
  • Dennis Mojen as Major Markus Müller
  • Borys Szyc as Colonel Lom
  • Marie-Josée Croze as Gia
  • James McElvar as Freddie D. Green
  • Edwin Thomas as Roger Waters
  • Robbie Nock as John Morris

Into the Night Season 3 Plot

After the events of season 2, the story for season 3 of Into the Night is wide open, while we anticipate significant shifts in light of the revelation with the rats. Horst and Laura’s research paid off in season 2 when they discovered a rat that could live in the sunshine, so it’s safe to assume that this idea will be central to season 3.

It appears that the protagonists’ decision to encase the rat in a cold tin jar and release it outside the bunker is the key for discovering answers for mankind’s survival. The second season also featured the formation of a coalition between the remaining bunker dwellers and the ex-military individuals they had met down there. Conflicts among the many survivors have been mitigated by the new arrangement, but for how long?

Into the Night Season 3 Trailer

Since there has been no official word from Netflix, production on season 3 of Into the Night has not yet begun. Trailers are typically released once filming has wrapped on at least a few episodes. Because of this, we may have to wait until season 3 of Into the Night is officially greenlit for production before a trailer comes out.

Into the Night Season 3 Episodes

Following this trend, Season 3 of the original series should expand by another six episodes. If this figure turns out to be greater or lower than anticipated, however, we’ll be certain to let you know.

Into the Night Ratings

The audience’s reaction to Into the Night has been overwhelmingly positive. IMDb users rated the series Into the Night at 7.1 out of 10. It has a Tomatometer score of 88% and a score of 76% from audiences on review aggregator Rotten Tomatoes.

Where to watch Into the Night Season 3?

Season 3 of Into the Night, as with the first two seasons, would be an original Netflix series. Season 3 will be available only to paying subscribers of the streaming service.

Is Into the Night worth watching?

The second season of Into the Night premiered on September 8, 2021, to much fanfare. After viewing Into the Night Season 2, they were pleased with the continuation of the storyline and the series’ satisfying conclusion, leaving them eager for Season 3. Fans have been anticipating season three of Into the Night, and it looks like Netflix may shortly renew the show for another installment.


Into the Night is one of the most riveting and original sci-fi thrillers you can see on Netflix. Millions of people watch the show because of its compelling plot, diverse cast, and eye-popping cinematography. Since Netflix is yet to renew the show for a third season, its fate is now unknown.

There are still plenty of mysteries and questions that need to be answered, so fans are crossing their fingers that Netflix will greenlight a new season soon. While waiting for the third season, fans can rewatch the first two seasons of Into the Night and Yakamoz S-245 on Netflix.

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