Ozark Season 3: Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer

Ozark Season 3
Ozark Season 3
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Ozark Season 3: Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer

Ozark Season 3 is coming back to Netflix with ten new episodes this year. Directing the first two episodes, Jason Bateman announced the renewal on Twitter.

Ozark Season 3
Ozark Season 3

Therefore, what can we expect to happen with the Burde family in the crime drama series? Will it continue to be a hit or not? A fact is that the Ozark team has a five-year plan but is open to extending the storyline beyond that.

Ozark Season 3 Release

Showrunner Chris Mandy mentioned at the Milken Global Conference back in April that they have always talked about making up to five seasons. We will make sure to keep you updated on the happenings around Ozark, of course!

When will Ozark Season 3 Release?

The series has already started season 3 in Georgia in May and will continue until October. So what does that mean? It means that Ozark Season 3 will only return to Netflix in the UK in 2020.

Now without giving too much information, there are some things you that will keep you glued to the screen. One is that Marty & Wendy are “dealing with the outside forces while struggling with their power dynamic.”  All of this happens when season three of Ozark kicks off.

So who can we expect to be part of the Ozark Season 3 Cast?

Another hint given is that Wendy’s brother has suffered from some form of mental illness for a year. Furthermore, nothing more revealed about the story-taking place in season three yet, but we will be keeping an eye out for it.

Lastly, many of the old cast will make their appearance such as Marty Burde played by Bateman and Wendy played by Linney.

Furthermore, Ruth Langmore still plays the role of Julia Gardner. However, a recent casting call has asked for an upscale family, shoppers, and extras for the casino shoot.

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