Apple AirTags: price, features and specifications

At last, after months and months of rumors, Apple has officially introduced the AirTag. These beacons will help us find everything we hook into them, with a look that matches what we saw in the Jon Prosser leaks.

We are facing a completely new product from Apple, one more accessory for this division of Apple to continue seeing good growth figures. We already know the idea thanks to devices such as the Tile: thanks to their small dimensions, you can have them in objects such as wallets Y keychains. Of course, you can also have them in backpacks, handbags O Baggage.

New AirTags: the perfect companion for the clueless

The AirTags are based on low consumption Bluetooth technology, with more efficiency and more coverage in order to be located. As MacBooks already do, AirTags take advantage of Bluetooth emissions from other Apple devices, even if they are not yours. Completely anonymously, AirTags are capable of triangulate your position thanks to other iPhone, iPad or Mac that you have nearby and communicate it to its owner in case of loss.

The location of the AirTags is done through the Search application: the accessory will appear as one more device in the list of locatable terminals. The only thing you will need is to have iOS 14.5 installed on your iPhone.

AirTags will launch worldwide on April 30 with a price tag of $ 29Although you can get a 4-unit pack for $ 99.

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