Outer Banks Season 2: Will There Be Next Part Of The Series?

“Outer Banks” is an American action-drama teen web television series that is so interesting to watch on Netflix. This Netflix series is all about the action, drama, mystery, thrill, and excitement. The first season of the series did premiere recently on 15 April 2020. After watching the series, viewers are already curious to know about the updates on the second season. Also, there are many loose ends in the first season that make fans search for the tie-ups on the internet.

The series revolves around two tribes of the island that happens to have the socioeconomic culture. Both the tribes are different when it comes to everything no matter the names, “Kooks” and “Pogues”. These are similar to two classes of people in the real world as Rich and Poor. In the series “Outer Banks”, Kooks are the ones with everything and leading the elite life. While Pogues are the working-class people for whom everything turns out to be hard. This Northern Carolina show is about a treasure hunt worth $ 400 million to found on a sunken ship.

The series has an interesting story plot that viewers are surely going to love. But viewers seem to have their interest in finding out if there will be the second part of the series. Let us find out.

Will There Be Another Season Of “Outer Banks”?

Well, as you know, the first season of the series did its premiere recently. So there is no possibility that you are going to read about any updates on the second part. There is no official announcement that confirms the series heading for its second installment yet.

As per the reports, the series creators are expecting to run the series for at least four to five installments. But as there is no official news, viewers will have to wait for sure. Till then, you can watch the exciting and adventurous first season of “Outer Banks” on Netflix. You can watch the trailer for the first part below.

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