Chloe Fineman Nails It With Britney Spears On ‘SNL’ Latest Masterclass Sketch

‘Oops, I burned my gym down’, Britney Spears reveals that she has been quarantined for more than 5 years in SNL’s Masterclass Sketch Edition.

On the recent appearance of Britney Spears, Saturday Night Live (SNL) could not resist but tear down the impersonation of the famous American singer. Chloe Fineman’s “Britney” pops out for the SNL’s virtual Masterclass where Spears happens to have the opportunity of describing viewers what she has been doing in these quarantine days. Of course, she got jabbed over again for her Instagram post of burning her own gym down mistakenly. But the pop star did her appearance for the Masterclass sketch edition to teach something.

“I have been quarantined for five long years, but that’s okay because all my favorite stuff is here”, Britney informed before entering her purple exercise top and shorts. She was surely nailing it with her black liner and black weave while teaching something great. She goes on talking after mentioning that she burned her house gym down again.

Britney Spears talks that she is now exercising outside and she did not forget to add how she lifts weights and practice yoga. She also informs, “When I’m looking for a creative outlet, Sometimes I’ll paint. Sometimes I’ll pose. I’m Skinny as a needle”. Spears continued saying that the only reason behind surviving the quarantine is her loneliness and being rich. She exclaims, “During this time of Corona disease, we have to stay safe. My prayers are with you. I’m Britney Spears and this is my Master School”.

The gossip is all about Spears when she did post a confession video on 29 April recently. She did confess about how she is the reason behind burning her own gym down in the video. She later reveals that it was only two candles and thankfully the incident hurts nobody. Britney is storming down over the social media since the beginning of the quarantine days. Stay tuned with SNL to get updates with entertainment.

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