Out of Darkness: Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer, and Everything You Need to Know

The upcoming horror/thriller from Bleecker Street is called Out of Darkness. Andrew Cumming, whose directing credits include River City, Cold Feet, and Payback, is making his first foray into feature picture directing, while Ruth Greenberg is making her feature writing debut with the screenplay. Iola Evans, Luna Mwezi, Chuku Modu, Safia Oakley-Green, and Kit Young are the movie’s stars.

The 2022 London Film Festival was the first stop for Out of Darkness on its festival circuit. According to Safia Oakley-Green’s IMDb profile, the film was nominated for five British Independent Film Awards, with the Breakthrough Performance category going to the actress.

Along with her, the film’s outstanding ensemble does a fantastic job of bringing this terrifying tale to life, as shown in the trailer and praised at film festivals. And that too in a language that didn’t exist.

Out of Darkness Release Date

Safia Oakley-Green, who plays the lead role in Out of Darkness, won an award for her breakthrough performance, while the film was nominated at other festivals. On February 9, 2024, cinemas will welcome Out of Darkness.

Out of Darkness Cast

Out of Darkness features Oakley-Green as Beyah. She gained fame as a leading lady after appearing in several television shows. She has played Cinderella Jackson in Sherwood (2022), Andy in Extraordinary (2023), Joy Harris in The Burning Girls (2023), and Becky in The Lazarous Project (most recently). Accompanying her is Chuku Modu, who plays the role of Adem; his name may be an allusion to Adam, the first man mentioned in the Bible.

After landing the role of Soh-Larr, a Kree scout whom the MCU cast as Captain Marvel, Modu went on to amass an amazing body of continuous work. He then landed a recurring role on The 100, a science fiction series on The CW. In the 2022 film The Peripheral, Modu co-starred with Chloë Grace Moretz as Carlos. The Good Doctor, The Great, Fifteen-Love, and Such a Lovely Day were the actor’s last projects of 2023.

Geirr, played by Kit Young, is one of three survivors; the others are Oakley-Green and Modu. Sadly, the Netflix series Shadow & Bone, in which Young played the outstanding character of Jesper Fahey, was canceled.

On the other hand, he played parts in A Midsummer Night’s Dream (2021) and The School for Good and Evil (2022). Arno Luening (Divine Comedy), Rosebud Melarkey (EastEnders), and newcomer Tyrell Mhlanga are the remaining cast members of Out of Darkness. Iola Evans (Choose or Die) plays Ave, Luna Mwezi (Needle Park Baby) is Heron, and Arno Luening (Divine Comedy) is Odal.

Out of Darkness Plot

The beaches of an undeveloped and lonely terrain are reached by a little boat. Struggling to traverse the narrow water, a group of six has sought a new home. They need food and are still in the year 45,000. They go out over the arctic wastes in search of refuge, and in the faraway mountains, they see several caves that may be their lifeline.

Fear and uncertainty replace excitement as they become aware they are not in this alone as night falls. A horrible creature, capable of killing or stealing them, may be lurking in this area, according to terrifying noises. One young woman’s tenacity exposes the horrific measures taken to survive when group ties break down.

Out of Darkness Director

After helming several short films and UK TV programs such as River City, Clique, Cold Feet, and Payback, Andrew Cumming makes his feature film debut with Out of Darkness.

Out of Darkness Trailer

A new trailer for the original thriller Out of Darkness gives audiences a taste of what’s to come. In contrast to the spoiler-heavy trailers of today, which essentially describe an entire film, the two-minute video up top gives us an idea of the overall story and artistic tone without really revealing too much.

The outlaw nation the adventurers encounter is hostile, as shown in the film’s teaser. Early in the trailer, we get a disturbing picture of a mangled wooly mammoth, which sets the tone for a thrilling journey into the Stone Age and a danger that might wipe out one of the most famous animals of that time.

When Out of Darkness premieres in cinemas in 2024, we’ll find out whether they are the only dangers travelers face. The trailer also implies that they meet another tribe of people, who could be cannibals.

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