Ousama Ranking season 2 Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Everything You Need to Know

Ousama Ranking season 2 Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Everything You Need to Know

Ranking of Kings appeared out of nowhere during the tail end of 2021, enthralling anime fans with its beautiful Euro-fantasy aesthetic and delightfully empowering tale of a young deaf monarch.

The first season of the program was a masterpiece of contemporary anime literature. Over the course of 23 episodes, it presented an intelligent, transgressive story regarding heroism while constantly keeping viewers uncertain.

The second season of Ranking of Kings has not yet been confirmed, but fans received treatment to Treasure Chest of Courage, a ten-episode anthology miniseries that filled in the spaces from the first season.

The novel Ranking of Kings tells the tale of Prince Boji, who arrived deaf and so frail that he cannot even wield a sword.

Since he is next within line for the monarch, he bears numerous responsibilities.

Due to his age, other children make light of him. He encounters Kage, the final member from the Shadow Clan, one day.

Kage is inspired by Boji’s perseverance and hard work, and they become companions. The series follows Boy as he overcomes numerous obstacles to become the most powerful monarch.

If Attack on Titan Final Season and Demon Slayer Season 2 hadn’t been broadcast at this time, Ousama Ranking would have been the most popular anime of 2022.

Again, WIT Studio demonstrated to the Japanese animation business that it truly is the finest studio in the country.

In no time whatsoever, this company is going to be compared to Warner Bros. and Marvel Studios. So, is this prestigious company bringing Ranking of Kings back for a second season?

Based on the manga about the same name by Ssuke Tka, this is the story of a hearing-impaired juvenile monarch. Bojji was the Bosse kingdom’s prophesied ruler.

However, due to his handicap, he was not given the throne. Nonetheless, he still hopes to become monarch one day. The following section will reveal whether the second season will return or not.

The Ousama Ranking season 2 premiere date is an event that many fans are eager to learn.

Considering the viewers of the previous season in this series, numerous viewers are even more eager to see what transpires in the upcoming season.

Ousama Ranking season 2 Release Date

The official release date for season 2 of Ousama Ranking has not yet been announced. It appears that the conclusion of the first season in the television series Ousama Ranking will be announced shortly.

In 2023, we can anticipate the second season for the anime series Ousama Ranking. Perhaps it will be available on Funimation like the initial season.

Ousama Ranking season 2 Cast

  • Prince Bojji – Minami Hinata (Japanese) / Emily Fajardo (English)
  • Kage – Ayumu Murase (Japanese) / SungWon Cho (English)
  • Queen Hilling – Rina Satō (Japanese) / Luci Christian (English)
  • Daida – Yûki Kaji (Japanese) / Justin Briner (English)
  • Miranjo – Maaya Sakamoto (Japanese) / Brianna Roberts (English)
  • Domas – Takuya Eguchi (Japanese) / A. J. Locascio (English)
  • Dorshe – Hinata Tadokoro (Japanese) / Brent Mukai (English)
  • Apeas – Hiroki Yasumoto (Japanese) / Luis Bermudez (English)
  • Bebin – Yōji Ueda (Japanese) / Christopher Wehkamp (English)
  • Despa – Takahiro Sakurai (Japanese) / Christopher R. Sabat (English)
  • King Desha – Yoshimitsu Shimoyama (Japanese) / Gabe Kunda (English)
  • King Bosse – Kenta Miyake (Japanese) / Cris George (English)

Ousama Ranking season 2 Trailer

Ousama Ranking season 2 Plot

Prince Bojji is mute, impotent, and unable to wield even a child’s weapon. As the eldest son, he works hard and aspires to become the finest monarch in the universe.

Others, however, murmur behind his back that he is a monarch who is useless and that he cannot become king.

Bojji creates his first companion, “Kage,” a natural phantasm who understands him quite well.

The novel chronicles Bojji’s maturation as he meets a variety of characters all through his life, beginning through his tragic encounter in Kage.

King Daida was once again granted dominion over his body. Bojji and the Big Four were successful in defeating Ouken and Miranjo.

And King Bosse died for good the moment and drifted away in a manner that was remarkably graceful. Oh, and just in case that you forgot, Daida popped the question to Miranjo.

Specifically, it continued the Ouken and Desha tales, with Ouken returning to his normal princely state.

During the final episode about Treasure Chest of Courage, King Desha entered the King’s vault or claimed a treasure that enabled his brother’s curse to be alleviated. This led to some fairly significant developments.

This appears to have resulted in Desha’s disappearance and subsequent reappearance with no memory about who he is.

The episode also considerably expanded the Ranking of Kings by introducing one of the terrifying gods glimpsed in season one, whom Ouken barely manages to defeat.

In addition, we gained a better understanding of the ‘ranking’ organization as well as the enigmatic figures who appear to be manipulating events behind the scenes.

All of this suggests that the Order of Kings film will feature an entirely new cast of characters.

How prosperous your nation is, how many potent combatants it possesses, and how heroic and strong its monarch is These are the criteria that factor into the system known as the Ranking of Kings.

Bojji, the protagonist, was born the first monarch of the kingdom governed by King Bossu, who is rated seventh. Then, Boji meets his first companion, Kage, and his life takes an unexpected turn.

However, Bojji was born deaf and is so weak that he cannot even wield a sword. As a result, his own retainers and the general populace view him as utterly unsuited to be monarch.

The first season of Ranking of Kings concluded with the conclusion of the majority of its significant storylines.

King Daida regained control of his body, Bojji and the Fantastic Four vanquished Ouken and Miranjo, and King Bosse passed away gracefully while floating away.

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