Oshi No Ko Chapter 133 Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Everything You Need to Know

Oshi No Ko Chapter 133 Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Everything You Need to Know

After Chapter 132 made them needing more, Oshi No Ko can’t wait for Chapter 133 to come out. There are ideas in these mangas that no one else has ever thought of before.

A new manga called Oshi No Ko has strange ideas in the spooky and mystery genres. Shueisha first put out the Oshi No Ko comic in 2020.

It’s a Japanese comic, but it’s also available in English for people around the world. The story behind Oshi No Ko is written by Aka Akasaka.

The beautiful drawings in the manga were made by Mengo Yokoyari. The company that puts out Oshi No Ko in the United States is Yen Press. There is additionally a TV show called Oshi No Ko which came out in April 2023.

They already put out Oshi No Ko Chapter 132 a few days ago. Fans can’t wait for Oshi No Ko chapter 133 to come out. We have some information for you about when Oshi No Ko Chapter 133 will be out.

“Oshi No Ko” was a cool comic that began in April 2020 as well as has been getting a lot of attention. There’s a lot of comedy, mystery, and even magic in it.

Fans, I have good news for you! This manga is being turned into an anime that will come out in April 2023. Seeing this great story come to life on the big screen will be amazing.

Lots of people are really excited about it; therefore, mark your calendars, because it’s sure to be big!

In the last part, we learned about Ai Hoshino’s background and the way Ichigo Saitou was able to get her to join B-Komachi. It was then that Aqua met Ai’s mother, Ayumi Hoshino.

Ayumi told everyone that she had been jealous of Ai. But she chose to remain away from her because she didn’t want to hurt her daughter herself.

Fans are excited because Oshi no Ko Chapter 132 is almost ready to come out. We’ve been seeing flashbacks to different parts of Ai’s life since shooting began. The most current chapter told us something about her mom.

We didn’t get the sense that Aqua’s mom was hiding something from her. They showed her at the end of the chapter, watching Aqua or Akane from behind. Also, the story she told Aqua seems to have been missing some details.

It’s possible that this is true, or I could be thinking about it too much. Aside from that, Akane is attempting to cheer Aqua up.

In the last episode, we learned about Ai Hoshino’s past and how Ichigo Saitou recruited her for B-Komachi.

Oshi No Ko Chapter 133 Release Date

That was just yesterday, on November 22. Oshi No. Chapter 132 came out. Fans can’t wait for Oshi No Ko chapter 133 to come out.

For fans, we’re here to tell them not to worry anymore since Oshi No Ko Chapter 132 will be out soon.

Chapter 133 of Oshi No Ko will be out on November 29. Japanese Standard Time says that Oshi No Ko Chapter 133 is set to come out at 12 a.m.

The time that this comic comes out will depend on the time zone of each country. Chapter 132’s English version will be ready the next day.

Oshi No Ko Chapter 133 Trailer

Oshi No Ko Chapter 133 Plot

Of course, Oshi No Ko chapter 133 will continue to pick up where chapter 131 left off. What did Ai do in the past will be known. We’ll also learn more about how she gets along with her biological mother, Ayumi Hoshino.

It’s because of her friendship with Ayumi that she has grown. We will also learn how Aqua is in charge of Ai’s life. Hikaru Kamiki will now play a bigger part because he will finally meet Ai.

The friendship between Ai and Hikaru might also grow stronger in the manga. Their friendship will also help her get a position at a well-known name. Ai has had a lot of trouble in the show business.

This will prove that the setting in this field is very dangerous. We’ll see how Ai’s character handles these problems and how she manages her personal life while dealing with these work problems.

In the previous chapter of Oshi No Ko, Aka decides to look into Ai’s mother on her own to help Aqua, which leads to her and Akane trying to make up again.

The popular manga kept getting better and better. In October 2023, it was the sixth most popular manga in stores and the seventh most popular manga on Manga Plus.

It has also been adapted for the big screen, with the movie version becoming more well-known because of how well the anime version did.

The manga Oshi No Ko is still going on. So, until the final page of this interesting book, we don’t know what happens.

Real life and the supernatural are mixed in a dramatic way in the Oshi No Ko comics. Gorou is a gynecology doctor whose is in charge of giving birth to Ai’s kids. It’s no secret that Ai is a famous Korean star.

As it turns out, Gorou also likes Ai. But as another page Ai fan kills Gorou, fate gives us other choices. This fan is crazy about AI. Soon, Gorou will come back to life as Aqua, one of Ai’s twins.

Aqua is endowed with a special power, though, that most people don’t have. Aqua can remember everything about his past life. Ai was additionally a fan of Aqua’s twin sister Ruby in a past life.

Aqua will do anything to keep Ai safe, and Emerald wants to grow into a hero. There are many hard things in the lives of these three main characters.

In this case, there is both the supernatural idea of rebirth and the portrayal from the show business.

People can see the bad side that comes with Korean showbiz business through Ai and Ruby’s characters. Ai and Ruby prove how hard it is to work in this field.

In Oshi no Ko chapter 131, “Atonement,” Ai talked about her past before she became a hero. Ai ran away to Tokyo to look for work because she was tired of living in a facility.

That’s when she met Ichigo, which wanted to join B-Komachi with her. As part of the deal, he had to pay a woman at Ai’s building a lot of money to promise to pay her back.

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