Oshi No Ko Chapter 130 Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Everything You Need to Know

Oshi No Ko Chapter 130 Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Everything You Need to Know

Oshi no Ko Chapter 124: Raw Scans has started to be released on Twitter once more, causing a widespread uproar online.

He put the spoilers in his discord, and you can also discover them there. It appears that Ruby will start to get pretty close to Aqua coming forward.

The release of Oshi no Ko chapter 124 outside of Japan isn’t until Thursday, July 20 at 12 a.m. JST, but it won’t be long before you can read it. Let’s check out the stolen raw scans and spoilers right away.

Miyako brought Ichigo into Strawberry Productions in the previous chapter. A little while later, Ichigo told Ruby how Aqua had deceived him.

Ichigo thereafter assisted Miyako managing Ruby’s schedule. They asked Miyako to watch Aqua throughout this.

As “Oshi no Ko” presents its next incredible chapter, Chapter 125, to its devoted followers, be ready to be amazed once more.

Aka’s psychological mystery manga is incredibly famous thanks to its captivating story and likeable characters.

She now has the chance to direct Ruby’s career in the idol industry with Ichigo’s help and elevate Strawberry production to the top.

This gripping story of resiliency and atonement has greater complexity as the story goes on thanks to the discoveries regarding Aqua’s pledges and the changing dynamic between Ruby and Aqua.

Oshi no Ko’s chapter 121 centered on Sarina’s mother and her life upon finding out that her daughter had a terminal illness.

Sarina was left to die at the hospital by herself since Marina was unable to deal with her daughter while she was ill. Marina went on to have two more children and move on with her life.

Ruby sobs while reflecting on her present and past life and asking herself why she was reborn. He feels both relieved and ashamed by whatever Ichigo is.

At the conclusion of the chapter, Aqua overhears and suddenly materializes in front of her, dropping a hint that there might be a significant reveal in the following chapter. Here are the most recent changes.

But first, a summary of what has happened thus far: In the most recent chapters, Aqua confronted Ichigo about the fact that she was happy that Ai’s murder case had been solved.

Aqua advises the man than it is time to part ways, then Ichigo tells them something that upends his entire worldview.

He speculated that their parents’ arguments and eventual double suicide might have been brought on by the possibility that their father was not his and might instead be someone else.

Oshi No Ko Chapter 130 Release Date

Oshi No Ko Chapter 130 is scheduled to release on October 25, 2023. Fans of this well-known comic series can anticipate the next chapter on this much anticipated date. The journeys of the individuals are becoming increasingly intriguing in this thrilling section.

Oshi No Ko Chapter 130 Trailer

Oshi No Ko Chapter 130 Plot

The revelations from this week were accurate, as director Gotanda pushed Ruby to accept Ai’s viewpoint and her suppressed feelings. Crafty and cunning Gotanda employed a cutting-edge strategy to achieve his objectives.

With his rehearsed statements, Gotanda persuaded Ruby that emulating her mother would’ve rendered her “dumber.” This masterfully conceived trick moved Ruby deeply.

Ruby’s face had two star-shaped eyes that matched her black hair. Ruby immediately reminded me of her mother, Ai.

The transformation was both lovely and noteworthy. Star eyes represented Ruby’s realization of her abilities and relationship to her mother’s family. Her resiliency and tenacity were likened to a dormant power that had awoken.

The mother-daughter comparison made Ruby feel burdened by her sentiments and expectations.

Spoilers for Oshi no Ko manga chapter 129 indicate that the eagerly anticipated movie adaptation has started filming.

The upcoming episode, which is rumored to follow Ruby Hoshino’s filmography, is eagerly anticipated by viewers. It may come as a surprise that Aqua will portray Hikaru Kamiki on the upcoming chapter.

Due to her talent and ambition, Aqua chose the challenging job of Hikaru Kamiki. Aqua might find it difficult to play a character he despises as the story develops.

Due to how badly Hikaru Kamiki has injured him, Aqua finds it difficult to distinguish between his personal and professional feelings.

Aqua will have numerous issues to deal with in Oshi no Ko Chapter 97. Making peace within himself will also be a part of the new chapter in his quest, but it won’t be simple. Both the people and the story have advanced significantly.

Aqua won’t be the only one who faces this problem, as his sister will soon discover her in a similar circumstance. She has received some protection from Ichigo, and it appears he is prepared to keep things that way, although Aqua might not be.

After all, Aqua visited Ichigo in order to support his idol sister, who was receiving assistance from her throughout her idol career. He pretended to be a critic and provoked Ruby, insulting Ai in the process.

But in the midst of the happy times, Ruby’s obligations as a potential top star reappear, necessitating Ichigo’s assistance in guiding and supporting her, as he formerly did with Ai.

Fans can view Chapter 125 and earlier chapters of “Oshi no Ko,” which are accessible in English translation on Manga Plus, for free. Young Jump was the platform to use if you like the raw Japanese format.

Fans of psychological riddles and intriguing storytelling should not miss “Oshi no Ko” because to its compelling narrative and remarkable character development.

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