Studio Ghibli shares everything about the protagonists of their films

Studio Ghibli has long performed some of the films most legendary in the middle of the anime. Films like Spirited Away, Princess Mononoke and Howl’s Moving Castle are just a few of the studio’s ever-expanding library that grew with the talent of Hayao Miyazaki.

In a recent interview with Toshio Suzuki, another of Ghibli’s co-founders, he went into detail about the creation of Howl’s Moving Castle and revealed a surprising fact about the female heroines or leads that have helped make Ghibli such a remarkable studio over the years.

Why does Studio Ghibli have strong leads?

In the latest interview with Toshio Suzuki, the Studio Ghibli co-founder noted that all female leads created by Hayao Miyazaki are based on her mother when she was young, because “Miyazaki has a maternal complex.”

Translation: “I will answer”, being the words of Toshio Suzuki on Twitter

The future of Studio Ghibli in film

Last year, Studio Ghibli released another anime film that decided to take a big step in a new direction with three-dimensional animation. Earwig And The Witch, which was released late last year during the holiday season.

The Japanese studio is also working on How Do You Live ?, an adaptation of a popular Japanese novel in the East. It’s clear that the studio that was created by the likes of Suzuki and Hayao Miyazaki will continue to have a bright future ahead of it. After all, they create very different stories than what we have seen before.

With an amusement park under construction and the movie library currently available on HBO Max, Ghibli definitely continues to make a name for itself. The Truth News reminds you that you can also watch his movies on Netflix.

Studio Ghibli has received its fair share of awards over the years and Spirited Away could take home a Academy Award for “Best Film”. Surprisingly, Miyazaki’s movie was recently dethroned by Kimetsu no Yaiba: Mugen Train. What do you think of the protagonists in Ghibli?

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