Ordinary Angels: Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer, and Everything You Need to Know

Stories of communities pulling together to accomplish the impossible are always captivating. It is nice to remember that there are still many wonderful things occurring in the world every once in a while, whether it’s a pizza delivery guy rescuing a family from a building that caught fire or a gang of rough-and-tumble bikers pausing at a kid’s lemonade stand.

Along with heavy drinking and athletic events, helping the downtrodden is one of the few activities that can unite large groups of people. Fortunately, Ordinary Angels, a forthcoming film from Lionsgate, will focus on the former rather than the latter.

Ordinary Angels, which is based on the true story of the 1994 Louisville, Kentucky, snowfall, will see an A-list ensemble battling against the forces of nature to save a helpless child. There is nothing that could be more encouraging at this point.

Ordinary Angels, which is set for release later this year, seems to be a film that almost everyone involved is proud to be a part of. It shows that when enough people work together, they can overcome any obstacle. This is all the information we have for Ordinary Angels at this time until the movie comes out.

Ordinary Angels Release Date

Ordinary Angels, a planned inspirational drama starring Hilary Swank and Alan Ritchson, has been formally delayed by Lionsgate. The picture will now open in cinemas on February 23, 2024, rather than the original October 13 release date. The original release date was moved to early next year.

Ordinary Angels would have faced stiff competition from the much-anticipated Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour film had it been released earlier. To make room for the forthcoming concert film, this isn’t the only film whose October release date was pushed back.

Ordinary Angels Cast

  • Hilary Swank as Sharon Stevens

Actress Hilary Swank has won two Oscars for her roles in Million Dollar Baby and Boy’s Don’t Cry. Her other notable credits include The Hunt, Logan Lucky, and the television series Alaska Daily. Following The Good Mother, this is the second film in 2023 in which Swank will feature.

  • Alan Ritchson as Ed Schmitt

Actor Alan Ritchson, who portrayed Ed in the film Reacher, is starring in Ordinary Angels. Aside from her role in the Prime Video original series, Ritchson has been in other big action flicks, such as Fast X and The Hunger Games: Catching Fire. She has also been in several TV shows, including Titans, Blue Mountain State, and Smallville.

The other cast members are as follows:

  • Nancy Travis
  • Tamala Jones
  • Skywalker Hughes
  • Amy Acker
  • Emily Mitchell
  • Drew Powell

Ordinary Angels Plot

Sharon Stevens (Hilary Swank), a strong-willed but troubled hairdresser and recovering alcoholic from rural Kentucky, finds meaning in her life in 1994 in Ordinary Angels. She crosses paths with Ed Schmitt (Alan Ritchson), a blue-collar worker and widower who is bringing up two daughters alone. Michelle, the youngest, was born with a liver deficiency and is in critical need of a liver transplant.

Sharon steps up as a champion for the Schmitt family, using her abilities as a small business owner. She raises money and represents the family in their battle against a medical bureaucracy that puts money before people.

Sharon rallies the community to assist Ed in rescuing his daughter Michelle from a blizzard that strikes Kentucky on the same night that she is to be transferred to a children’s hospital in Nebraska.

Ordinary Angels Creators

The script was written by Meg Tilly and Kelly Fremon Craig, and the film is directed by Jon Gunn. Additionally, Drew Powell, Skywalker Hughes, Amy Acker, Tamala Jones, Emily Mitchell, and Nancy Travis will be joining Swank and Ritchson.

David Beal, Sarah Johnson, Jon Berg, Jonathan Dorfman, Kevin Downes, and Andrew Erwin of Kingdom Story Company are among the producers. Roy Lee, Dave Matthews of ATO Pictures, and Jon Berg of Stampede Ventures are also involved.

Ordinary Angels Trailer

On May 2, 2023, the theatrical trailer for Ordinary Angels was unveiled. Hilary Swank portrays a kind-hearted but suffering hairdresser from Louisville, Kentucky, and the trailer introduces her with the lines “My name is Sharon, and I am an alcoholic with a splitting headache,” while Sheryl Crowe’s “If It Makes You Happy” plays in the background.

The tale of a local child, five years old, who is in dire need of a liver transplant inspires Sharon to discover a purpose greater than herself.

Here we meet Ed (Alan Ritchson), a blue-collar worker who has just lost his wife and is now $400,000 in the red due to medical expenses for his two kids, one of whom has liver failure. In her fight against the medical bureaucracy and to help cover Ed and his family’s medical expenses, Sharon takes on the role of an advocate.

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