One Punch Man trivia to prove your knowledge

One Punch Man It took the world by storm when it was released in 2015, as its unique style of humor and satire really struck a chord with viewers. Even today, the show is still one of the best animes of television, thanks to its incredible characters and incredible stories.

For those who haven’t seen the show, it follows Saitama, a part-time hero who is capable of defeating villains with one simple blow. As a result of this, he is constantly looking for someone to challenge him and help him get out of the boring routine that accompanies being too good at something that once seemed fun to you.

Throughout his journey, Saitama encounters many other heroes and villains, although none are able to match his brute strength. So far, we’ve only had two seasons of One Punch Man, but there is certainly more to come in the future thanks to the success it has had thus far.

As a way to celebrate the continued success of the program, in The Truth News We put together a quiz that is sure to put even the most dedicated One Punch Man fans to the test. We share the answers at the end. We recommend that you have seen the anime before to answer.

1 – What did Saitama do in the past?

  • a) High school student
  • b) Entrepreneur
  • c) Pizza delivery driver
  • d) Professional athlete

2 – Boros is the leader of which group?

  • a) Alien conquerors
  • b) Black Matter Alliance
  • c) Dark matter thieves
  • d) Monster Association
One Punch Man anime (Foto: Madhouse)

3 – What hero rank is Fubuki in One Punch Man?

  • a) Class A
  • b) Class B
  • c) Class C
  • d) Clase S

4 – Who “killed” Zombieman?

  • a) Child Emperor
  • b) Tatsumaki
  • c) Sitch
  • d) Atomic Samurai

5 – Who turned Genos into a cyborg?

  • a) Dr. Cushion
  • b) Dr. Wiley
  • c) Dr. race
  • d) Dr. Fukegao

Answers: 1b, 2c, 3b, 4b and 5

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