Blue Box, all ready for the new series of Weekly Shonen Jump: starts Sunday

Every quarter Weekly Shonen Jump is renewed by truncating the series with little potential to make room for new promising titles. Next on the waiting list is Blue Box by Koji Miura which will debut this Sunday. Here’s what we know about this new project and where it will be possible to legally read it.

Shonen Jump is looking for the next big names in the magazine, that is, those titles that can bear the weight of the most popular magazine in manga culture on their shoulders. But it won’t be easy since phenomena like Demon Slayer, erupted at any moment, are extremely rare to find, just think about too Jujutsu Kaisen. However, in a couple of years both My Hero Academia and ONE PIECE, the two current pillars of Jump, who will have to find their spiritual successors before they leave their tent.

Precisely for this reason the magazine is varying a lot the series that are arriving in the magazine and the next, in order of release, is Blue Box which kicks off this Sunday on Manga Plus. The synopsis of the story reads: “A boy and badminton player falls in love with a basketball player. Do these two lovers of two completely different sports have a chance? “

The magazine describes the work as a sentimental by training and may reveal pleasant surprises. You can take a look at the heroine of the manga in the preview at the bottom of the news. Finally, we remind you that the following week will start the serialization of another manga, Amenofuru written by Takegushi Ippon and drawn by Mitarashi Santa.

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