One Piece receives impressive cosplay of Carrot transformed into Sulong

One Piece is a successful series of manga created by Eiichiro Oda. Its popularity has risen after more than 20 years in publication and in The Truth News we can say the same about his adaptation of anime por Toei Animation.

It was precisely this popularity that inspired many cosplay artists and one of the most spectacular stood out on Instagram. A fan showed off her version of Carrot, the beautiful bunny who has fought many times alongside the Straw Hats Pirates.

Instagram cosplayer Vyecos tried to reinterpret the girl with rabbit features in a fascinating cosplay. The artist imagined Carrot with all the characteristics of the character and even dedicated a cosplay to the transformation of the heroin in her sulong form; you can have during full moon nights. You can see it below:

Photo: @lainhasacamera – Cosplay: @vyecos

In a clever enough way, Eiichiro Oda managed to open a debate within the One Piece community about the elusive eleventh member of Mugiwara. Currently, there are two heroines vying for the spot and both characters are two faces who are now very popular with anime fans.

Waiting for the Chapter 1009 In the manga, scheduled to debut on April 4, which will continue Onigashima’s battle against the two towering Emperors, the debate over the identity of the last member of the Straw Hat crew continues online.

Who is the eleventh Mugiwara in One Piece?

The strongest hypotheses are two: Carrot or Yamato. The latter has extraordinary power on his side that would greatly strengthen One Piece’s Mugiwara, on the other hand, Carrot has already climbed aboard the Thousand Sunny and has already accompanied the protagonists for several chapters. What do you consider to be the best candidate? Maybe both?

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