Shingeki no Kyojin: Season 4 Returns to Two Titans Before the End

The first half of the fourth and final season of Shingeki no Kyojin has come to an end, but it definitely managed to end with a bang as Marley’s forces converged on the “Devils of Paradis,” showing two familiar Titans returning before the credits came out.

With Eren Jaeger teaming up with his unlikely partner in his brother, Zeke Jaeger, to initiate a “Plan of Euthanasia” that would ultimately change the worlds of both the Eldians and the Marleyians, it is clear that the final episodes of anime that land in 2022 will stop nothing.

Warning! The following in The Truth News will talk about spoilers about episode 75 (episode 16 of season 4). We remind you that the Attack on Titan program will premiere its episode 76 in winter of next year.

The final war has begun in Shingeki no Kyojin

Eren Jaeger has been able to make great strides in achieving his goals that are blurring the lines between the Attack Titan as a hero or a villain. The above, since his followers Jaegeristas have been able to incarcerate the Survey Corps, at the same time that they place the superiors under their heel thanks to the cerebrospinal fluid in their wine.

After a tense hostage situation in which Eren definitely lost Armin and Mikasa’s friendships, Pieck was able to defeat him and seemingly gain the upper hand. Unfortunately, Jaeger figured out his plan pretty quickly, noticing that Marley needed him alive to achieve the power of the Founding Titan.

Porco Galliard vs Eren Jaeger in season 4

In the final moments of the episode, Pieck proves his loyalty to Marley by launching a surprise attack with the help of Jaw Titan (Porco Galliard), which was hiding in plain sight and was only inches from nibbling on Eren, absorbing three different Titan powers in the process (being Attack Titan, Founding Titan, and War Hammer Titan).

Although Proco was unsuccessful, Marley is far from done, as Eren immediately takes his Attack Titan form when Marley’s airships descend on Paradis. It is clear that there will be a massive war of the titans, as several of the Nine Titans are now gathered in the same place.

Armin (Colossal Titan) and Annie (Female Titan) are still incarcerated, but the final episodes of the anime will end the manga adaptation in its entirety. After all, Hajime Isayama will end its series on April 9 with its chapter 139.

Where to see the anime Shingeki no Kyojin legal?

Fans looking to watch Shingeki no Kyojin anime legally and online can find all seasons on the platform of Crunchyroll. The japanese series It has subtitles and dubbing options that do not disappoint the viewer.

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