After Life Season 3: A Train of Sorrow

After Life Season 3: A Train of Sorrow

Netflix has finally premiered the final season of After Life and it is hurtful to say the least. The sadness is almost overwhelming to the point where you would want to hold it in. The third season of after life has depicted the difficulties of surviving in the form of dark humour. The show tries to subdue the sorrow portraying the characters in a comical way but the obviousness is still a factor. In this article, we are reviewing the final season of After Life and you should be ready for all the details.

About After Life 

After Life is a British comedy-drama streaming on Netflix. The show revolves around Tony Johnson, played by Rickey Gervals, a journalist whose life is anything but fulfilled. He has a sharp tongue and sharp choice of words which doesn’t sit right with the people around him. His reputation doesn’t do him any favour in a situation where he has lost his wife. After his wife’s demise, he seems to lose a lot of people from his life as well. Now that Johnson’s circumstances are bound to isolate him from the world buzzing around him, will he be able to make a way to exist.

Plot of After life season 3

The third season of After Life starts where the second season ended. Tony Johnson was about take his life after he has been through. Especially, the loss of his wife and father makes him want to give up on life. When he receives some help from his father’s nurse, Johnson is willing to make some effort on making his life better. He seems to give himself another chance while his dog seems to have mutual thoughts.

Johnson wanders about in Tumbary, a fictional town. People in that town seem to have a similar outlook like Johnson, ignorant to the rights and wrongs of the society.

While he was sitting near his father’s grave after scattering the ashes, he seemed to have an interesting chat with a widow named Anne. Johnson describes the day he had convinced his late wife Lisa, on a date. In their dinner, he had told her about afterlife and angels. Anne says that maybe the topic of after life was probably not the best thing to say on a date. Johnson was especially pretending to be a writer to impress Lisa.

By the end, Tony gets his hand on a video filmed by Lisa when she was fighting with cancer. He discovers through the video that Lisa had always wanted him to have a life where he was happy. Seeing that, he realizes maybe there is indeed a lot more to his depressed life. He then visits a cancer hospital. There Johnson meets a boy who had the same name as her wife and another young patient. They quickly become friends and Johnson realizes that his life has been miserable all along.

Tony Johnson seems to be a visual representation of the depressed generation of millennial. After giving away the insurance money he had saved up, to the hospital, Johnson comes to the conclusion that maybe dead people aren’t really gone forever. They look after us from afar while we are living a life that is worth living.

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