One Piece 1010 shows Luffy’s new power that scares Kaido

One Piece is displaying a recently unlocked power for Monkey D. Luffy with the suspense of its most recent chapter. The climax of the Wano Country arc continues with the manga from Eiichiro Oda, as members of the Worst Generation battle Kaido and Big Mom on top of Onigashima’s Skull Dome.

While the earlier suspense of the series apparently gave the Worst generation an important advantage, since they were able separar a Big Mom de Kaido, the troubles were far from over as it still meant they had to do real harm to Kaido himself.

Luffy and the others had been struggling to break through Kaido’s tough skin, and things got even more difficult when Kaido started using his human beast form in the fight. Warning! The following in The Truth News continues in spoiler territory about One Piece Chapter 1010, now available in Shonen Jump.

(Foto: @JulioLp3 en Twitter) Luffy vs Kaido en One Piece 1010

Luffy’s new power in One Piece 1010

After Luffy is knocked unconscious and witnesses Zoro making his way to his first real use of the Conqueror Haki In a fight, the Captain of the Straw Hats Pirates realizes what is his and fuses his Haki techniques from Ryou and Conqueror at the end of chapter 1010.

In chapter 1010 of the shonen series, Luffy and the others continue to fight Kaido, and Zoro manages to leave a wound on Kaido with the use of his own conqueror Haki. As Luffy prepares his counterattack, he begins to have flashbacks de Hyogoro teaching him how to let Ryou channel into his fists.

Thinking of how his power flourishes through battle, Luffy realizes that after being hit by one of Kaido’s blows, the villain’s attacks are infused with the Conqueror’s Haki.

This power of Supreme king It is also from Luffy, so he uses it to successfully counter Kaido’s next attack. Channeling it through his hands and feet, Luffy hurts the villain without actually touching him.

Chapter 1010 comes to an end when Luffy finds new confidence in this ability. The young man declares that he will defeat Kaido from here, and he’s starting to look that way. Now it is only a matter of time to meet a victor in One Piece.

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