The 100 Only One Season Left

The 100 Only One Season Left

The 100 is an awe-inspiring series full of killer A.I.s, spaceships, missiles, and body-snatchers. The sad news is there is only one season left then we have to say goodbye to it for good.

the 100
the 100

Season 6 (spoiler alert) ended with a big bang. Octavia (played by Marie Avgeropoulus) maybe or not killed by Hope (Shelby Flannery.)

She dissolves into the mist with the explanation for that unknown, and fans will need to see what happens in season 7 to know what happened. 

So when will you be able to find out the mystery to the unexplained answer? 

You will need to wait for the premiere in 2020. However, we do not have a date yet, but we know it will be returning around midseason as the past couple of years. 

If we guess right, The CW premiere dates will be a summer show during April. Furthermore, a fact is that it is the final season. 

The announcement made by Jason Rothenberg

Jason Rothenberg publicized on Twitter that the series is ending after Season 7. He also mentioned later to the TV Guide that he has a specific ending in mind by saying, “He hopes fans are going to be satisfied with the powerful and emotional ending.”

What is more, we do not think we have seen the last of Octavia as her fate seems ominous and anything is possible. Furthermore, he also said that season 7 would pick up after the finale of season 6. 

So the good news you do not need to wait a couple of month for the return. You can expect to see Bellamy (Bob Morley) trying frantically to figure out what happened to his sister. 

Furthermore, you will see no time travel as Hope comes out of her Anomaly an adult while being a fetus in Diyoza’s (Ivana Milicevic) three days ago. 

Rothenberg promised that fans would not see time travel to explain how it is possible. However, he did mention that the time is acting funny and you can expect answers about everything happening in the season finale of series 7. 

What more can you expect to see in The 100 Season 7?

For one, you will not see Hope being a villain as Jason did tell TV Guide that fans will most likely end up loving and not hating her. 

You can expect Sheidheda still being a threat even if Flame was destroyed by Raven (Lindsey Morgan) she could not destroy Sheidheda. So he will make his return as he managed to upload himself somewhere. 

What cast members can you expect to return?

Eliza Taylor will be returning playing the lead Clarke Griffin while the rest of the members are:

  • Octavia Blake (Marie Avgeropoulus)
  • Bellamy Blake (Bob Morley)
  • Monty Green (Christopher Larkin)
  • Raven Reyes (Lindsey Morgan)
  • Marcus Kane (Hendry Ian Cusick)

Furthermore, you can expect The 100 Season 7 to be set entirely on earth. So keep your eyes on the screen to see the new and last series airing in April 2020.

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