Robert Downey Jr.’s fictional daughter in Avengers: Endgame congratulated him on his birthday

Attention: in this news we are going to give information about Avengers: Endgame, the film that closed the saga of the last phase of Marvel, and therefore contains information that is sensitive to be considered SPOILERS if you haven’t seen it. We ask you for discretion in this regard and if you have not seen it, come back later.

The vast majority, if not practically all of us, we get a considerable bitch with Avengers: Endgame, the last film of the group of Marvel heroes in which the cinematic plot that adapted The Infinite War was closed, in which Thanos struck down half of humanity using the Gems. The affection that Robert Downey Jr. has generated in the role of Tony Stark / Iron Man also extends to his (fictional) daughter Morgan Stark, played by Lexi Rabe, who perfectly embodied how Tony’s daughter would behave, Comicbook tells us.

Recently, Robert Downey Jr. celebrated his birthday, and in a gesture that has delighted the community, Lexi Rabe congratulated him with the following publication, which causes even longing for fans:

There you have it, a girlish charm that embodies a character that most of us want to see one day in the future of Marvel. As you can see, he assures that he had a great time with Robert Downey on the set, which is not surprising.

We already know that given the end of the film, we will no longer see Robert Downey Jr. in the role of Tony Stark; He recently gave his opinion on the success of the character and of Marvel itself.

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