New iOS Flaw, Security Break With Just Sending A Text

New iOS Flaw, Security Break With Just Sending A Text

In Las Vegas, The Black Hat USA 2019 Conference is held. Where Apple Inc Offering $1 Million to the Cyber Security Researchers if they find any flaw in the iPhone. On another side, Google’s Security Engineer is strikers the presentation. Natalie Silvanovich has shared the presentation, titled as, “Look, No Hands! The Remote, Interaction-less Attack Surface of the iPhone,”

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instagram iPhone

Through this presentation, she discussed the SMS, Visual Voicemail, MMS, Apple Mail, and iMessage Vulnerabilities. She stunned the listeners with one statement that, Receiving iMessage could enough to your iPhone Hacked. So, Be careful before clicking on any external links. The threat of the hacking your iPhone is in your hand. She also includes the so-called interaction-less bugs. Thay could use to misuse the device.

Natalie Mentions, “These can be turned into the sort of bugs that will execute code and be able to eventually be used for weaponized things like accessing your data,” In Short, She aware iPhone Users that one bug is enough to damage your device’s security.

She also includes the social media messaging in her presentation, she points out, “got interested in interaction-less bugs because of a recent, dramatic WhatsApp vulnerability that allowed nation-state spies to compromise a phone just by calling it even if the recipient didn’t answer the call.”

Then She moved on the Voicemail, MMS, and SMS. When she reverse engineer the process, she found many harmful bugs. These bugs are enough to give the strike-through text messages. When you click on the malicious link, hackers can extract data from there. So, user’s data are not safe.

Hackers are double thinkers than the victim. They are created with some specially crafted texts, and these particular messages break the securities. They send specific messages on the target phone. And iMessage Server sends that data back to the sender. So through the content of messages or images, they use for the hacking. Another weapon is incoming texts on the target’s phone. So, Malicious code is injected through the message in the target’s phone. Apart from Apple is patched for the Six flaws.

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