New Heights Season 2: Will There Be A Season 2?

The Swiss drama series New Heights (Neumatt), created by Marianne Wendt, is an engrossing and emotionally charged look at the lives of a family of Swiss farmers. The action takes place at a crossroads between city and country. Michi moves back to his hometown outside of Zurich to help run the family business after the death of his father. His mother begins to have doubts, his sister is vehemently opposed, and even his brother appears to be wavering.

When Michi bets on the already failing family farm, he loses everything and his life becomes increasingly chaotic. There are still many vivid people in the novel, each with its own fascinating backstory. The series is compelling because it is at once tense, vibrant, passionate, and familial. You may be wondering when the second season will premiere after the ups and downs of the first. Please allow us to continue to keep you apprised of developments.

New Heights Season 2 Renewal Status

The premiere of the first season of New Heights on SRF aired in Switzerland on September 26, 2021. However, the show’s worldwide debut on Netflix occurred on May 13 of that year (2022). There has been no official word from the show’s creators or the network about a Season 2 of New Heights. Although there is a possibility for improvement in the second season, the show has not been well-received by critics. As a result, we won’t know the show’s fate until further down the road.

New Heights Season Cast and characters


  • Julien Koechlin as Michi Wyss
  • Sophie Hutter as Sarah Wyss
  • Jérôme Humm as Lorenz Wyss
  • Benito Bause as Joel
  • Rachel Raunschweig as Katherina Wyss
  • Marlise Fischer as Trudi
  • Nicola Perot as Döme Boveri
  • Roland Bonjour as Pablo
  • Hans-Casper Gattiker as Thomas Peterhans
  • Judith Hotmann as Gemeindepräsidentin
  • Cristoph Gaugler as Werner Fuchs
  • Lou Haltinner as Elodie Duchamps
  • Aaron Hitz as Loris Schwab
  • Nick Dong Shik as Fang Li
  • Matthias Schuppli as Pfarrer Victor

How did New Heights Season 1 end?

The Swiss drama series left some loose ends for the second season in its season one finale. After ending her relationship with Joel for good at the conclusion of the first season, Michi decided to spend more time at the farm. Katharina’s ideal vacation spot was aboard Martin’s caravan. Although she was unable to sell the property, she was otherwise free to do as she wanted as Michi was around. The final moment, in which Sarah is separated from Angie and her family, was also analyzed.

There isn’t much information available regarding where Season 2 of New Heights will pick up in the tale, but it’s safe to assume that it will occur after the events of Season 1. What happens to Michi once he decides to give farming another try following his breakup with Joel will be revealed in the upcoming season. Other characters, such as Martin, Katherine Joel, and others, will also have their own stories in the second season.

New Heights Season 2 Release Date

On May 13, 2022, the first season of “New Heights” debuted on Netflix. The series debuted on the primary SRF channel in Switzerland on September 26, 2021, months before it was shown internationally. There are eight episodes in the first season, and each one runs about 47 minutes.

The producers have a lot of power in the renewal process, and not just because of the audience’s reaction. Production on Season 1 began in 2020, and if a renewal announcement hasn’t been made by May 2022, it’s highly improbable that the show’s creators will make a Season 2. Both of Marianne Wendt’s previous works, “Eden” and “Der Irland-Krimi,” were limited series, so she clearly has a lot of experience working with tight, intense narratives. She might feel awkward with the protracted narrative structure. As a result, it’s unlikely that a second season of ‘New Heights’ will be produced.

New Heights Season 1 Review

The series centers on Mitchi as he deals with the loss of his father. It’s sad to see him and Joel invest so much in their relationship only to end it. A lot of conflicted feelings are generated by Mitchi’s remorse about his family. He’s risking it everything to get the farm up and running again, and he’s taking on all of its difficulties one by one. After his father—whom he was proud of right up to his death—passes away, he finally understands the value of his family. This show’s plot and characters stand out. Despite the show’s deliberate pacing in an effort to evoke a sense of realism, it has rapidly become a fan favorite.

Is it based on a true story?

‘New Heights’ is not based on any true story. In contrast, by recording events that actually occurred in our world rather than making up a whole new one, the story gains authenticity and verisimilitude. Filmmakers such as “Dreamland” and “The Divine Order” screenwriter and Oscar-winning Swiss-Italian director Petra Volpe served as inspiration for the series’ premise developed by Marianne Wendt.

Volpe first had the idea when he realized how many small and medium-sized farmers were killing themselves out of despair. Farmers and their families all across the world, including in Switzerland and elsewhere, are experiencing devastating losses and are drowning in debt.

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