Netflix’s Premieres and News of September: Series, Films and Documentaries

Netflix’s Premieres and News of September: Series, Films, and Documentaries

The second season of “Elite” marks a come back to school with the backpack loaded with quality thanks to Criminal, The Politician, The Spy, The Unbelievable …


The August drought is over (which was not so dry, thank you so much Mindhunter). Netflix is ready to return to school with the premieres of September. The Spanish series lead it with more impact of the platform with permission from La casa de Papel, that guilty pleasure called Elite. In addition to the youth high, look at the interpretative quality of Criminal. A police experiment with great looks, and essential productions such as The Spy, The Unbelievable and The Politician.

If the so-called first season which was a drug of the good. The second promises a youthful high that can be enjoyed by both members of Generation Z and by older adults without complexes.

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In the new chapters, we will see the consequences of the murder of Marina. Above all, a good handful of unexpected and too close relationships. So These three signings very well profiled adds more fuel to a fire that ignites worldwide.

Let’s get a little dystopian, which already plays. Well, in the first chapter of this series, ten people suddenly wake up on an island. They also have no idea how they got there. The island itself proposes extreme physical and Mental challenges to escape from there alive.

After the new Wanderlust, the great Toni Collette is back with Netflix in this series. It is based on real events, whose script is based on a Pulitzer Prize-winning newspaper article. This article is titled An Unbelievable Story of Rape (an incredible rape story).

Collette plays a police officer investigating a rape case. This case is similar to another reported by a teenager who was not credited by anyone. Not the police or even the people closest to her also did not believe her.

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A series of fear by the French. It tells the story of a novelist specializing in the horror genre. That Novelist decides to leave a season. So in that retreat, The demon that stars in his books called Marianne is seen by him. He forces the novelist to continue writing.

Zach Galifianakis is known for the Resacón trilogy in Las Vegas. He laughs at his public image in this film in which he shows himself as a Famous Person. But everyone makes fun of Zach (because of Will Ferrell), So he tries to Clean up his reputation with a severe celebrity talk show.
Be careful because it can be one of the covers of the year. George Kay who is responsible for a pitch like Killing Eve. He is also the showrunner of this project with Jim Field Smith. But here the news begins, they will not be alone.

The 12 chapters of the Criminal are divided into four ‘packs’ of three episodes. So each of them has been recorded by a team from a different country: Spain, France, Germany, and the United Kingdom.

Netflix 2019
Netflix 2019

All Scenes are with the interrogation structure in which great actors are dueling. On the Spanish side, Emma Suárez, Carmen Machi, Inma Cuesta, Eduard Fernández, Álvaro Cervantes are also a part of this series.

Oscar-winner Davis Guggenheim directs this documentary that dives in the mind of Bill Gates. It discovers how that click occurred to go from being the most critical CEO in the world to one of the people most committed to solving the problems of humanity. It’s about analyzing the personality and way of thinking of an optimistic who is always curious about his visionary.

Ryan Murphy recovers Glee’s ironic (and colorful) style for this series about a wealthy student from Santa Barbara. Since childhood, He convinces himself that he will become president of the United States. But first, there are some steps to climb, such as becoming president from the school board of his mega Pijo Institute.

Deluxe is messing with a lot of satire about the vital essence of politicians with the extra appeal that Gwyneth Paltrow plays the protagonist’s mother.
Thi series is Like Empire but in Germany. The title of this series is the name of a critical record house that a young hip hop producer accesses. But everything distorts by the dirty rags of the music industry.

By the mafias associated with that world and by the reappearance of the brother of the record owner, a full-fledged gangster.

The always controversial Sacha Baron Cohen stars in this miniseries about the life of a real Mossad agent named Eli Cohen. A production that is very serious because Gideon Raff is the director. The Israeli showrunner who rise to fame for creating the series on spies and counter-spies that Homeland made a new version later. He did try to repeat the play with Tyrant, but people did not notice. So The Spy is his attempt to regain the throne of spy thrillers.

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