Netflix: movies and anime series coming in April 2020

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Not with little regret, we must say that April is the last month in which they will be uploaded to the Netflix library the remaining films of Studio Ghibli, among which, unfortunately, The Tomb of the Fireflies is missing. If on the one hand we can see the remaining productions of the studio that has made us dream for years, on the other we can welcome new titles including the first feature film by Violet Evergarden, the 4K HDR series Rising Sun. (scheduled for March, but postponed), and the expected return of Ghost in the Shell. After taking a look at the April 2020 Netflix TV Series Catalog and the April 2020 Netflix Film Catalog, the time has come to find out what the anime library has to offer.

Pom Poko (April 1)

The 1994 film by Isao Takahata it is set in an era in which Tokyo had begun to expand, to become one of the largest and most important cities in Japan. The urbanization project, however, provides for the deforestation of many wooded areas and animal dwellings. Due to man's modernization plans, some animal communities experience the tragedy of being deprived of their natural habitat firsthand.

Among these are also i tanuki, raccoon-like creatures, part of Japanese folklore, known to be able to change its appearance. The tanuki due to the advancement of man see the burrows and hiding places collapse, and as a consequence of this wars break out between the various clans, for the occupation of new territories.

Among the older tanuki there is the wise Oroku, who is well aware that we must fight together to protect their homes and to guarantee a future for the new generations: the plan to defeat urbanization and modernization is to destroy the constructions of humans and frighten the invaders using metamorphosis.

The sighs of my heart (April 1)

In the March Ghibli film session there was The reward of the cat, spin-off de The sighs of my heart, which is added starting from April to complete the catalog of the study of dreams.
Shizuku Tsukishima she is a student who loves literature and writing, who realizes that a mysterious man by name Seiji Amasawa reads the same books that you rent from the library.

One day, leaving home for errands, Shizuku notices a cat sitting in a train, and intrigued decides to follow him to an antique shop. Here, the protagonist knows the owner, who shows her the statue of the elegant cat-baron Humbert von Gikkingen.

Shizuku is fascinated by what the store has to offer, and discovers that the boss's grandson is a boy from his own school: after a first turbulent meeting, getting to know each other more and more, the two develop a strong bond, which will be much more than a simple friendship.
The sighs of my heart (taken from the manga Sussurri del cuore) is the first film by Studio Ghibli not directed by Takahata and Miyazaki to have been screened in the cinema: the direction was entrusted to Yoshifumi Kondo, animator who worked at Porco Rosso e Pom Poko, prematurely passed away in 1998.

Howl's Moving Castle (April 1)

Sophie Hatter she is a simple girl who works in her father's hat shop. His ordinary life is destined to take an unexpected turn when he runs into the charming wizard Howl: the meeting attracts the attention of Witch of the Wasteland, who, jealous, takes revenge on Sophie by launching a curse that transforms her into an old woman. In order to get rid of the spell, Sophie must reach out to Wasteland, and the only one who can help her is Howl.

He travels aboard a gigantic, squeaky, and noisy self-propelled castle, powered by the fire demon Calcifer. Sophie will live an unforgettable adventure, together with fantastic friends like a jumping scarecrow.
After winning the Oscar for Best Animated Film with The Enchanted City, Hayao Miyazaki go back behind the camera with Howl's Moving Castle, based on the novel of the same name by Diane Wynne Jones.

Ponyo on the cliff (April 1)

A small marine creature separates from its family and floats far away covered by the back of a jellyfish. The creature runs aground on a beach and gets stuck in a glass vase, but the little one Sosuke he frees her, and to thank him the marine being uses his powers to heal a cut on his finger. Sosuke becomes attached to the creature immediately, and decides to call her Ponyo: in a short time they establish a strong friendship.

However, Ponyo already has a family: the father, Fujimoto, was a sorcerer who gave up his life on the mainland to live in the seabed, and desperately searches for the lost daughter.

When Fujimoto finds her, Ponyo reveals that he wants to become human, and using the power obtained from Sousuke's blood, he grows his arms and legs. The protagonist's decision to live among humans, however, causes an imbalance in the oceans, which can threaten the life of all living beings. The only one who can resolve the situation is Sousuke who not only can save mankind, but can also help his friend to continue living as a human.

Ponyo on the cliff is directed by Hayao Miyazaki, and after a first Japanese distribution in July 2008, it was presented to the rest of the world during the Venice Biennale of the same year; the film was distributed in Italian cinemas, thanks to Lucky Red, in 2009.

Poppy Hill (April 1)

After the stories of Terramare, Goro Miyazaki returns to direct a new film for Studio Ghibli: The hill of poppies.
The film is set in the city of Yokohama, in 1963, in a period of recovery for Japan after the Second World War, and in which he was preparing to open up to the world with the Olympic games. Umi he lives with his grandmother in a large house on top of the Poppies hill, which overlooks the port; every day the girl hoists two maritime flags, to leave a signal to the navigators, as her father who disappeared during the war had taught her.

One day, he participates in a student protest, to prevent a building used as a student club from being demolished, to make room for a more modern structure.

In this circumstance he meets Shun Kazama, a boy who was fatherless because of the war: between the two a relationship was born that over time will become something more than a simple friendship. When Umi and Shun try to find out some information about the boy's past, they find they have a lot more in common than they thought.

The wind rises (April 1)

After 5 years of break from Howl's Moving Castle, Hayao Miyazaki returns to direct a new feature film: The wind rises, which was supposed to be his "goodbye" to the study.
Jiro Horikoshi he has a dream: to be able to fly a plane, but because of his myopia it is impossible for him; for this reason he decides to become an aeronautical engineer, following in the footsteps of the Italian Giovanni Battista Caproni.

Jiro enrolls at the University of Tokyo, but his arrival in the city coincides with the great Kanto earthquake of 1923: in this moment of difficulty, save the maid of Naoko Satomi. Jiro's studies will lead him to modify and improve aviation and to build some of the most famous planes in the world.

The wind rises is taken from the biographical book of the same name Tatsuo Hori, inspired by the life of the aeronautical engineer Jiro Horikoshi, who innovated the world of aviation. In the original version of the film, Jiro Horikoshi is voiced by Hideaki Anno, creator of Neon Genesis Evangelion, who collaborated with Studio Ghibli as animator for titles such as Nausicaa della Valle del Vento and The tomb of the fireflies.

When Marnie was there (April 1)

The latest film to be added to Studio Ghibli's list of titles is When Marnie was there; the film represents the latest collaboration between the director Hiromasa Yonebayashi and the animation studio of Miyazaki and Takahata.
Anna she is an unsociable 12-year-old girl who suffers from asthma, and on the advice of the doctor she is sent to her uncles' house, near the sea: clean air and a more relaxing life could cure her illness. Anna spends her days dedicating herself to her favorite pastime: drawing landscapes.

One day the girl is fascinated by a villa, which seems to be uninhabited, but notes that it is not completely empty: inside there is a peer of hers, Marnie. Anna, for the first time, will not close in on herself, but will open her heart to a new friend. The two meet every evening in the villa, and will live together experiences that will make your days unforgettable.

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Pokémon: Sun and Moon Series – Ultra Light (April 1)

While the new Pokémon season is being serialized in Japan, Pocket Monster, in April the third part of the trip arrives on Netflix Ash is Pikachu in the archipelago of Alola.
After leaving his loyal adventure companions to Professor Oak, except for Pikachu, Ash reaches the Alola archipelago, to deliver an egg to Manuel Oak, cousin of the famous Pokémon scholar.

During his stop, Ash meets new friends with whom he immediately makes friends: Lylia, Ibis, Kawe, Suiren, is Chrys, all students of the Pokémon School. The leading coach certainly cannot miss the opportunity to become a pupil of the school too.

In Alola, Ash receives a Circle Z, with which it can enhance the attacks of Pokémon using i Crystals Z, and the Pokédex Rotom, inside which "lives" Rotom, thanks to which you can receive information on the local fauna. Immediately the protagonist is fascinated by how some creatures he met during his adventure have a different appearance, due to the climate of the islands.

After the first few days of vacation, Ash learns of the Tour of the islands: to become the Champion of Alola, must complete the challenges of the Kahuna (gym leader of the archipelago) present on each island. Obviously, even in this new adventure, Ash will face the Team Rocket and meet gods Legendary Pokémon.

Inazuma Eleven (April 1)

Based on the video game of the same name from Level-5 for Nintendo DS, Inazuma Eleven focuses on Mamoru Endou and on his dream.
While the soccer teams of the schools of Japan challenge each other to decide which is the best, there is one that fights not to be definitively dissolved: the Inazuma Eleven, of middle school Raimon.

Goalkeeper Mamoru Endou, grandson of the captain of the first generation of Inazuma Eleven footballers, wants to revive the club that risks being forgotten, but to do so he needs much more luck and skill.

He manages to find the talented striker Shuuya Gouenji, who has left the world of football competition. The feat will not be easy at all, but Mamoru is willing to do anything to form a team that can restore splendor to the Inazuma Eleven.

Lamù – Beautiful dreamer (April 1)

Life in the city of Tomobiki it is very ordinary: citizens are preparing for the party for new students which will take place the next day. There is a lot of turmoil for the event.

Still, it seems that "tomorrow" does not want to arrive: the city of Tomobiki and all citizens they are stuck in a time loop. Obviously, the only ones who can remedy what is happening are the alien Lum, his beloved Ataru Moroboshi, and all their friends.
Lamù – Beautiful dreamer is the second film based on the anime Lamù, a transposition of the famous comic strip by queen of manga Rumiko Takahashi.

Violet Evergarden: Eternity and the Auto Memory Doll (April 2)

In January 2018 we were able to admire the series exclusively on Netflix Violet Evergarden, taken from the homonymous light novel. While we are waiting to see the sequel film, Violet Evergarden – The Movie, which is scheduled for release in Japan on April 24, Netflix lightens the wait with the distribution of the spin-off film Eternity and the Auto Memory Doll.

Violet he has always lived on the battlefields, where he met the major Gilbert, to which she is particularly attached. At the end of the war, the major died and Violet was entrusted to the commander Hodgins, who found her a job in her mail sorting agency. Violet, however, wants to become one Automatic Writing Doll, a group of women who are in charge of transcribing people's feelings on paper, to know the meaning of the words "I love you", pronounced by Gilbert before exhaling his last breath.

In Eternity and the Auto Memory Doll, Violet is hired by the noble family York, so that he can help his daughter Isabella, who was sent to a women's boarding school to become a worthy noblewoman. Isabella has now abandoned her future, and has realized that the institution is not very different from a prison.

Initially, Isabella treats Violet coldly, thinking she is a lucky person, but little by little, speaking to her, she will realize that the Automatic Writing Doll has had a turbulent past. With the experience she has gained by transcribing numerous letters, Violet could make even more breach in Isabella's soul, so as to make her true feelings come to light and find out what torments her.

Rising Sun (April 2)

Initially the rising sun was scheduled for March 23 on Netflix worldwide, but Netflix Japan he said that the anime would be postponed to April 2nd.
At the moment we still don't know much about the plot of the Rising Sun, except that it will be a fantasy series.

Production I.G, after the attack of the giants, wants to aim higher, and thanks to the collaboration with Netflix, he managed to achieve the first anime in 4K HDR, not with little difficulty. Due to the long processing times and the numerous problems encountered, the estimated duration of the episodes (of which we do not yet know the exact number) of Rising Sun. should not exceed 5 minutes.

Hi score girl – season 2 (April 9)

Haruo Yaguchi he is certainly not a model student: his grades are low, he is listless, and he is unpopular. Haruo, however, has found a place where he can be himself and where he can free himself from daily tensions and failures: the playrooms. Here is the undisputed king of the cabin cruisers, especially of the fighting game Street Fighter 2.

His "empire", however, is destined to collapse because of Akira Ono: his beautiful, intelligent, popular classmate, and to make matters worse, a video game expert, especially Street Fighter 2, perhaps even better than the protagonist. Haruo certainly cannot accept that a better person than him in all humble him in his temple. The two challenge each other without hesitation.

This, however, is only the first of the encounters-clashes between the two, and what initially was a fierce rivalry, gradually becomes a friendship, which matures over time into something much more intimate. Until, due to an adverse fate, the two are forced to separate, but the desire to be able to meet again one day at Street Fighter 2 keeps them in some ways more united than ever.

Hi score girl is taken from the manga of Rensuke Oshikiri, whose publication has been slowed down, due to a copyright infringement of SNK Playmore. The first 12 episodes of the first season arrived on Netflix in 2018; the last three that conclude the arc, the so-called Extra Stageinstead, they debuted in 2019. The second season, which will consist of 9 episodes, will adapt the final arc of the complex story of Haruo and Akira.

Ghost in the Shell: SAC_2045 (April 23)

In 2045, following an economic crisis that affected the whole world, known as Synchronized Global Default, the rapid development of Artificial Intelligences has brought the Earth into a climate of perpetual wars. However, mankind is not informed about the actual threat that AI can be.

The major Motoko Kusanagi and its second Batou, members of the Public Security Section 9, are hired as mercenaries for a mission in America: the group of soldiers will have to use all the physical skills due to an entirely cybernetic body to face a new and fearful threat.

In 1995 Production I.G made an animated film based on the manga by Masamune Shirow and directed by Mamoru Oshii, which left an indelible mark on the industry: Ghost in the Shell. The success led to the production of other titles and a Hollywood live action film. One of the latest works in the franchise is the awaited 3D CGI series, SAC_2045 (acronym for Stand Alone Complex), curated again by Production I.G, this time also with the collaboration of Sola Digital Arts, and directed by Kenji Kamiyama, director of other Ghost in the Shell SAC titles. The debut of Ghost in the Shell: SAC_2045 is expected on April 23, worldwide, exclusively on Netflix.

In addition to the expected remaining films of Studio Ghibli, other news will arrive in April, which will keep our days busy: between Pokémon, Inazuma Eleven, Violet Evergarden, Ghost in the Shell: SAC_2045, and many others. At the moment these are the souls scheduled for the month of April. Which title are you most looking forward to?

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