Naruto Shippuden: Gaara and Shukaku defend the Sand in this figure of almost 1000 euros

Carried by Naruto on the path to good when they were still mere Genins, Gaara proved to be one of his greatest allies during the Fourth Great Ninja War. Alongside Shukaku, we admire his return to battle against Madara Uchiha’s forces.

Although it was forcibly stolen from him by the Alba Organization, in this fantastic collectible statue made by ZW Studio the badger demon emerges from the sand to rush to the rescue of his former Carrier Force, Gaara of the desert. On the shoulders of the Monocoda badger, the fifth Kazekage is ready to tear his opponents to pieces with the Funeral of the Desert.

The figure is full of impressive details, such as the ideogram on Gaara’s forehead, which indicates the word love, and the sand coming out of the jar it carries with it. Just the sand, which among other things makes up the body of Shukaku, is reproduced in a surprising way, as if it were real crumb.

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This amazing collector’s item is available in two sizes. The first, made in 1: 6 scale and 47 centimeters high, has a cost of 520 euros, while the second, in 1: 4 scale and 70 centimeters high, has a price of 990 euros. What do you think? Here is Sasuke in a genderbend Naruto fanart. This spectacular Naruto Shippuden cosplay went viral on TikTok.


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