Latest tvOS beta unveils 120Hz refresh for upcoming Apple TV

The 9to5Mac team has discovered references to what could be one of the main novelties of the next Apple TV: refresh your images at 120Hz. Several mentions of that soda have appeared in the latest tvOS 14.5 beta, released a few days ago and signaling the upcoming arrival of a final version.

The most powerful Apple TV sold today is the 4K model, with an A10X chip and an HDMI 2.0 connection that are capable of outputting images at maximum 40 and 60Hz resolutions. Therefore, tvOS 14.5 will need a new model of Apple TV if what you want is to double that refresh rate and match what the iPad screens with ProMotion are already capable of showing.

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That new Apple TV model will need a more powerful chip (there are those who speak of the A12X chip present in the 2018 iPad Pro) to produce twice the number of frames than before, in addition to un puerto HDMI 2.1 compatible with those 120Hz. And of course, we will need a television whose panel is also capable of displaying that refresh rate.

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What excites me most about this is that these refresh rates are more used by games and not for series and movies, and at most for the interface of tvOS itself. For me it is quite a sign that the next Apple TV is going to be a product that will want to push Apple Arcade and the sale of video games through the App Store with renewed strength. A change in strategy that has long been suspected and that makes you want to see that new Apple TV even more.

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