Naruto reveals the consequences of Boruto Uzumaki’s karma

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations has changed the playing field in the pages of your manga, after the battle between the strongest ninjas in Konoha and the head of the Kara Organization, Jigen. But it seems that there are some serious and long-lasting ramifications that are caused by the Karma possessed by the son of naruto.

With Hidden Leaf Village having lost several of his greatest weapons in defense of KonohaIt is clear that Boruto and the members of Team 7 will have to go through some serious obstacles to protect their village and themselves.

Warning! If you have not yet read the last chapter of the Boruto: Naruto Next Generations manga, Chapter 56, you may want to steer clear of the rest of this article, as in The Truth News we’ll dive into some serious spoilers.

Foto: Boruto Capítulo 56 (Shueisha)

Why is Boruto Karma dangerous?

With the energy known as Karma Flowing through Boruto’s body, the power-up comes with a terrifying side effect, as it causes the wearer to become a vessel for the celestial ninjas known as Otsutsuki.

In the case of son of the Seventh HokageBoruto now has to share his body with the villain Momoshiki, who emerged immediately after Jigen’s defeat and attempted to destroy Sasuke Uchiha by gouging out his eye which gave him the ability to wield power over the Rinnegan.

Konoha has deemed it necessary for Boruto to be sidelined, along with Momoshiki and Sarada in Team 7, fearing that Momoshiki will reappear if Naruto’s son uses all of his chakra in battle.

Although Boruto is now considered a celebrity, the villain who resides within your body He is gaining more strength as time passes and presents a clear danger to both the son of the seventh and all the other citizens of Konoha.

Fortunately, Boruto won’t take his time off lying down as he decides it’s time to train alongside Kawaki. With Code taking over as the new head of the Kara Organization, the danger to the ninja world is far from ending in the sequel series from Naruto.

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