Netflix’s Castlevania seeks to expand the universe with a new series

Netflix has been very successful with his original productions of anime in recent years and one that has led the group in many ways is the serie based on the video game franchise Castlevania from Konami.

Fans have been patiently waiting for news for the fourth season since it was first confirmed to be in the works after the successful third, but the most recent update certainly surprised fans as this new season was confirmed to be the last.

But while this fourth season will count the finale, it may not be the last we actually get out of this universe. The Truth News reminds you that the Castlevania anime marked the beginning of many series with this style of animation and Blood of Zeus is an example of it.

Photo: Netflix “Sypha, Trevor and Alucard return in season 4”

Will Castlenavia anime get season 5?

Following the announcement of the last season’s release date, Netflix shared an interesting report from Deadline which indicates that while Castlevania will end with season 4 (there will be no season 5), the franchise is looking to expand with “a new series set in the same universe with an entirely new cast of characters.”

Screenshot: Deadline on Twitter

The fourth and final season of Castlevania will premiere on May 13 and fans can already watch the first three seasons on Netflix (with subtitles and dubbing in languages ​​such as English-Spanish). The story seems to tell more secrets of the Belmont Clan.

Featuring the original video game franchise following the adventures of various different members of the Belmont lineage (along with the anime series also poking fun at the family’s past), it’s not exactly surprising to see Netflix find merit in those other stories.

The franchise has a ton of potential leads and threats that you could explore with this original series, or an entirely new one as featured in this report. If the Castlevania universe continues with a new set of characters, either by adapting a different series of games or by telling an entirely new story.

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